A Step by Step Guide to Changing your Car Battery

A Step by Step Guide to Changing your Car Battery

Changing a car battery is one of those tasks which many motorists are reluctant to attempt due to the fact that it sounds far more technical than it actually is! If you think about it in terms of what it actually involves and not in terms of the horror stories you’ve heard, you will see that it’s not a tricky task at all. There are certain safety procedures to adhere to but once you’re aware of them, you shouldn’t have any problems at all in tackling this job yourself. As long as you are reasonably fit and strong you will be fine because the most difficult task involved in changing your own car battery is the lifting…batteries are pretty heavy and if you’re not very strong you may need a little help with this part – our mechanics at Frontier Car Leasing change ours regularly and know this well. Read on to learn how to change your car battery in this simple, step-by-step guide.

• Turn off the vehicle and ensure that the emergency brake is set.
• Open the bonnet and locate the battery; now detach the negative battery cable…this is the black one. Do this by loosening the nut with a wrench or battery pliers.
• With a twist and pull motion, pull the end of the cable in an upwards direction with your hand. If it is too difficult to remove, you may need to buy a battery terminal puller which is a good tool for ensuring your cables are not damaged during the process of removal. Don’t use a screwdriver because it may break and cause damage.
• Now turn your attention to the positive cable…this is the red one; remove it using the same techniques.
• Now you need to remove the battery’s hold-down clamp. Do this with a combination wrench.
• Now it’s time to remove the old battery; check for a handle…some batteries are fitted with them to make removal simpler. If there is no handle, grab it with both hands and lift it out. Batteries are pretty heavy and the larger the vehicle, the heavier the battery so some people may need a helping hand to remove theirs.
• Now check your battery tray for corrosion and dirt. If the tray has corroded at all, you should use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove it. An old rag dipped in this solution will be perfect to use…ensure you remove all traces of dirt and corrosion…don’t forget to clean the hold-down clamp too.
• Now it’s time to clean the battery cable connectors; make sure that all traces of dirt or corrosion are removed…you can use a wire brush or battery cleaner for this purpose.
• Place your new battery in the cleaned tray and secure the hold-down clamps.
• Spray both of the terminal ends with some anti-corrosion fluid.
• Re-attach the positive and negative cables and make sure that they are tight.
• Now check that everything is tightly in place and give the battery a wiggle back and forth. If there is any movement from the battery cable terminals then your car may not start…so be sure to tighten them up adequately.

The main points to remember when changing your car battery are that the positive and negative cables go back in the correct positions and also that you do not spill any battery acid on yourself or on the car’s bodywork.

Battery changing is simple once you know how!

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