What to do when waiting on a tow truck

What to do when waiting on a tow truck

Having your vehicle break down when going somewhere urgent is one of the most disheartening of situations. It may be a flat tire or a mechanical problem; anyways, you don’t have the tools or the skills to fix the problem. So, you have no other option but call the tow truck, and wait. Waiting in the middle of nowhere for the tow truck, there will be time to kill. And during this wait, there are a few things to be done for your safety and convenience.

First, understand the problem. ‘The damn car won’t budge’ would be too vague for the mechanic. If possible give as much information to the car breakdown recovery company  as it will assit them to  identify and sort out the problem. Do not attempt to fix the problem as it may complicate it further and you may end up paying more. Be patient and follow the steps given below while waiting for the tow truck. Be sure to call a trusted towing service and give them details such as how many people are there with you as you all will need to be transported. And also don’t forget to give details of where you want the vehicle to be towed and delivered to.

  1. Move your Vehicle: Once the car breaks down, push it towards the side, onto the road’s shoulder; as far as possible from the oncoming traffic. This will prevent motorists from crashing into your vehicle and causing further damage. Furthermore, the tow driver will find it easier to hook up the car when it’s on the side. Do not block traffic.
  2. Hazard Lights: Turn them on as soon as the vehicle breaks down. It’s the button or switch on the dashboard or the steering column. The hazard lights will alert drivers coming in from the back that the car is immobile and helps them take the necessary action. This is particularly helpful during the night.
  3. Reflective Triangles: Place these or a cone behind your car when you break down on the road. And yes, you must carry these with you at all times. Placing one at the front and one in the side essentially cordons off the area around your vehicle. Drivers will notice the triangles or cone and take the next lane or even stop and offer help.
  4. Belongings: Organize all your stuff and keep them together in a safe place. This includes documents related to the vehicle such as insurance and also any valuables. When the truck comes, you will have your things and the vehicle can be towed quickly without any fuss. Keep a bottle of water, if available. Also, if there are any other belongings in the vehicle, take them out and keep them safe.
  5. Remain in the Vehicle: Stay inside the car and avoid loitering on the road. Prevent further mishaps from oncoming traffic especially in low light situations.
  6. Ask for Identification: When the tow truck finally arrives, ask for the right identification before allowing your vehicle to be hooked up. Ask the towing company about the driver’s name and other details.
  7. Glove Box: This is a nice time to think about cleaning your glove box. Some things that go in there never see the light of the day again. While you wait, empty the contents and throw out all unnecessary junk.

James Nolan is a freelance blogger who writes on cars.  James loves playing golf and watching Formula 1.

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