Tips on choosing genuine HID lights

Tips on choosing genuine HID lights

HID xenon lights are so popular that everyone wants to use them thereby creating a large market for a hot product. As it always happens with any such product, a few unscrupulous business people will come up with fake products that only bear the name but which don’t deliver what genuine ones will do. All buyers need to be careful so as to avoid being duped.

Unlike the genuine HID lights, these fake ones have a poor performance and they produce heat, something that is not common with the technology. The same bulbs don’t produce as much light as you would expect and they also break easily because of the high temperature they produce. They also feature a high energy consumption making them very poor in terms of performance and stability. This is why you don’t simply believe anyone who tells you they are selling genuine bulbs. Every buyer needs to learn some subtle ways of identifying the genuine lamp by using a few simple tips we are listing below:

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Start up time: HID xenon bulbs come in many brands depending on where they have been manufactured; some are manufactured in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc. such that the place of origin cannot be used to identify what is genuine. The start up time of the bulb is the first place you check. A genuine bulb will light up within one second and you have a stable luminous flash of brightness of up to 80% coming up within 4 seconds after switching on. On the other hand, the fake bulbs will light up after between 3 and 5 seconds and also take close to 15 seconds to light up and reach the 80% illumination mark. If the bulb and booster are genuine ones, you can test them by lighting and switching off as many times as you want without fearing that the bulb will heat up and burn.

Life span: The reason you need to be concerned about ensuring you have a bought a genuine bulb is that some manufacturers who don’t own patents and try to steal other people’s patents always end up producing low intensity discharge lights when they in fact intended to do high intensity discharge lights. The lifespan of these fake lights is so short, a mere 500 hours or less when the others can go for more then 2250 hours at the very least. The main reason for this shortfall is that the production of HID xenon bulbs requires an anaerobic environment where the oxygen content is extremely low. Failure to do it at that level you have an environment that causes the electrode to oxidize quickly thereby reducing the intensity of the light that is produced.

You must therefore make sure that the HID xenon bulb you purchase for your car is one that has been manufactured under the high level environment that ensures you have a genuine product. When it is made using high quality materials and in a perfect environment you can be sure you will get a functional light. Very few backdoor companies can attain the required high standards for manufacturing perfect bulbs.

About the author:
This article has been written by Mohit Jain who is a car fanatic and loves sports cars. He currently writes for HID Xenon Lights Depot, a company based in Canada selling high quality made in Germany hid headlights.

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