<title> The Tuning Diary of a Mercedes SLK55 AMG</title>

The Tuning Diary of a Mercedes SLK55 AMG

The Mercedes SLK55 AMG is a fantastic car; however that doesn’t mean it can’t be made an even better car. Nothing is perfect and everything can be improved upon – even a SLK55 AMG – believe us we’ve seen it.
Though the SLK is a dream car for most, some still consider it a little too conservative and want more from the auto. Professional tuning services offer the chance to get the very last bit of performance from such cars and meet ensure demand and style meet the most demanding of customers.
German company CHROMETEC tune these machines to the zenith, getting more out of them than even Mercedes Benz’s sports tuning division. So, let’s take a look at how it’s possible to turn this beautiful beast into something even greater than it already is.

An Eye for Detail – Phase One