It’s a dangerous world out there, but exploring it has never been safer or easier with the new Landrover luxury SUV. Treacherous and inaccessible places are a thing of the past with the awesome pulling power and ingenuity of this famous on and off road explorer. Although the spots, locations and nooks might have lost their intimidation factor, the plants and fauna that inhabit them probably won’t have. So, we have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous plants on Earth that are now within easier and deadlier reach. Our advice, though, is to just read the facts and just enjoy the comfort of your surroundings knowing that you have reached your destination. But have wisely decided not to get out. But if you do, you’ll know which plants to avoid for sure.

The Snake Plant

Commonly known as the White Snake Root, this deadly plant has a bite just as deadly as a snake. It’s found in North America and can be recognised because of its white flowers and toxic seeds. When these blow into the wind and are digested by cattle, a toxin is created causing a potential condition in humans called milk sickness. Once the milk from these infected cattle is drunk, the poison is released and can have fatal consequences. So, remember to pack some bottles of water to quench your thirst!

The Toy Plant

Familiarly known as ‘Doll’s Eyes’, because it’s fruit resemble the eyes of a doll these plants, native to Eastern and Northern America have a strange allure. Looking like something out of ‘Day of the Triffids’ once seen, it is important that you don’t get any closer. The whole plant itself is deadly if eaten, but the most toxic part of the plant is the berries with their strange looking eyes: they are full of toxins that can kill in an instant. Look from afar in the comfort of your SUV, but then put your foot straight on the accelerator and get out of there!

The Music Plant

The name of this plant hints at an untimely demise if eaten: ‘Angels Trumpets.’ An apt name, because the flowers look just like trumpets. Growing in many regions in South America, they are full of toxins and are fatal if eaten. They are striking to look at and can be seen in white, yellow, orange or pink. But they don’t play any music, so there is no need to get any closer. Look at them and let the only sound be the roar of your engine as you leave them for dust.

The Clothing Tree

Known as the Strychnine Tree and also called the ‘Quaker Button,’ this tree bears deadly fruit in the form of green and orange fruit. Found on the shores of India and South East Asia, it is the tiny seeds inside these fruit that are deadly. With a highly toxic nature if eaten, there is no cure. This tree might look as cute as a button if you come across it on your travels but it is extremely poisonous!

The Battle Tree

Also called the English Yew, although it is not found there but most likely in other parts of Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia, the fruits of this tree are have a red armour-like protective layer. This layer is harmless, it is the seeds inside that are toxic. Once swallowed, breathing becomes problematic and ill health then ensues. Red often means danger and it is no truer in the case of the fruit of this tree – so stay in your protective pod and look, but don’t touch.

The Animal Plant

Wolfsbane is its name and pain is definitely its game. Found typically in the Northern part of the world, this plant looks friendly enough, but lurking inside is a poison that can kill within hours. Famous in mythology its deadly properties have been talked about for centuries, so if you spot this amidst the stunning mountain scenery, take a deep breath inside your luxury SUV and head off home.

The Oil Plant

Black Gold will make you rich, but the Castor Oil Plant will kill you. Classed as the most poisonous plant in the world and found in Europe and Asia but almost all over the world it only takes one seed from this plant to kill a human. The process is not quick either it is extremely painful. So watch out for this red plant if your travels take you this far.

Nature can be stunning and beautiful, but also dangerous and deadly. But life is about exploring and the new Land rover Luxury SUV’s have the power and drive to take you there and at the same time keep you safe from all that is dangerous on the outside.

Kate Thompson is a natural born explorer and has travelled all over the world, but is now looking forward to reaching places that have been out of reach before with the new Land Rover Luxury SUV.

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