Education and Training Necessary to Become an Automotive Engineer

Education and Training Necessary to Become an Automotive Engineer

So, you want to become an automotive career. Well, you’ve made an excellent career choice. Right now is an excellent time to become an automotive engineer, because car companies are in a bit of a frenzy to bring on brilliant minds to help make cars run more efficiently and drive much more comfortably. As an automotive engineer, it will be your responsibility to draft, design, built and test different physical elements for the cars of tomorrow. The economy is rebounding and so is the car industry, so major car companies are desperate for fresh minds to bring on board. Here is some of the education and training necessary to become an automotive engineer

First, you want to want to go to a four-year, accredited university and get a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a minor in mathematics or a science based field. At a four-year university you will get all on the groundwork, basic knowledge you need to succeed in the field of automotive engineering. For the first couple of years of your college experience you will be taking advanced courses in mathematics, science and basic engineering and then towards your last years in school you will be getting invaluable hands on, lab experience.

After you’ve gone to college and you’ve had some hands on experience, you need to study for an exam that will grant you your engineering license. Your engineering license will allow you to practice your unique trade in all fifty states. However, this license will only grant you preliminary entry. After you’ve completed a certain number of hours of training in the field you can receive your final license, but it only takes a few years. You can think of this preliminary license as provisional certification, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start making a salary.

Next, once you have your license, you can start looking for positions in the field that will grant you your training hours. There are many large automotive companies looking for temporary engineers. In the early part of your career, you will usually be working with experienced engineers in the automotive industry, doing things like preparing programs that are used to create miniature models and you also will be doing a lot of grunt work. However, all of this will prepare you for your future position as a lead engineer for an automotive company.

Lastly, after you’ve had a certain number of training hours, you can apply for your final engineering license. With this license you can start looking for open positions as an engineer. If you are incredibly good at what you do, chances are that it won’t be hard to land a job. In fact, many companies actually recruit engineers for jobs, so sometimes you might land a position that comes to you rather than the other way around. No matter what, though, as an in demand automotive engineer, you want to choose a position that is right for you. Who knows, with your love of automobiles, you might just want to visit and drive a big rig. Whatever you do, it is sure to be exciting and fulfilling.

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