Don’t know who injured you or who is to blame? You can still claim

Don’t know who injured you or who is to blame? You can still claim

Have you recently been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?  Feeling more than a little hurt?  Do you feel vulnerable and frustrated but don’t know who actually caused the accident? All of these worries can only work to add to your stress, but try not to worry, you still may be entitled to make a claim. 

Take a recent cycling incident that was in the local papers for example. This particular cyclist suffered some serious head injuries after he was hit by an overhead cable that fell in the road. The cable had come lose and had swung into the road which led to his accident.  But how did the cable end up there?

According to the police, the cable had come lose from its mountings and had fallen into the cyclists path causing him to fall and seriously injure himself.  He had to be treated at a nearby hospital in Newcastle for serious facial and head injuries, but is currently in a stable condition.  But, he was injured none the less and his life has been altered as a result of such injuries.

But who is at fault? 

The police have reason to believe that a large vehicle may have caused the cable to swing loose and fall.

As the police believe it to be an unknown HGV driver that hit the cable the cyclist may be able to make a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau under their Untraced Drivers Scheme.

Not knowing who has caused your accident does not automatically mean that you don’t have a claim and that you will have to suffer without compensation. Here at Priority Legal we have dealt with many claims for compensation where drivers and cyclists were not sure as to who was the cause of their accident.

But, try to get as much information as you possibly can.  Whether that be from witnesses, photographs you can take at the scene of the accident (if you are able to) or even your medical report after seeking medical treatment. Even if you have a mild concussion you should still seek medical advice and treatment.  This will help your case as we can get hold of your notes to investigate the medical implications further.  You may require ongoing treatment too so it is vital that you seek treatment from a medical professional.  Also, keep track of any appointments you have to go to following your accident.  From physiotherapist appointments to prescriptions, make sure you document it all as you will be able to recover the costs.

At Priority Legal we make your case our priority.  To help you get the compensation you deserve. Even if you are not entirely sure who is to blame.  Let it be our job to take the stress away from you and to help you get what you deserve.

Don’t let your compensation claim pass you by.  Contact us today for further help and advice.

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