Do Zombies Need Car Insurance?

Do Zombies Need Car Insurance?

Life as a zombie has its ups and downs. On the one hand you are already dead and therefore don’t have to worry too much about the prospect of dying, but on the other a diet of raw brains can get rather repetitive after a while. So how can you make life a bit more interesting? The answer is easy: travel and see the world!

Zombie Life on the Road

A major disadvantage of being a zombie is that you are not equipped to move around very quickly. Zombies are known for their characteristic ‘lurching shuffle’ gait. It’s not fast and it’s not very efficient. Basically if you were to walk across town, it might take you days. A far better alternative is to find a suitable vehicle to travel in, although if you have lost your legs and arms somewhere along the way, you might have a few problems driving.

Why Humans Need Car Insurance

Humans need car insurance. Driving without vehicle insurance is illegal and profoundly stupid for many reasons. Should you be involved in an accident whilst driving without valid insurance, you will probably be arrested, charged, fined or even jailed. You would also end up with a badly damaged car and no way of repairing it. The other main disadvantage of driving without car insurance is less about you and more about the other road users. If you are involved in an accident and you don’t have vehicle insurance, they can’t claim for damages.

Reasons Why Zombies Need Car Insurance

  • Third party cover – Zombies are not renowned for their driving skills. They are much too focussed on their next meal to be concerned about road safety, so accidents are rife. If a zombie runs over a pedestrian, that person may want to seek compensation from the zombie’s insurance company (assuming that they don’t become the zombie’s next meal).
  • Accidental damage cover – As previously mentioned, Zombies are not good drivers, so accidents are common. Unfortunately, unlike zombies, cars cannot continue working with crucial bits missing, so repairs are essential. At least with accidental damage cover, the insurance company will pay.

Reasons Why Zombies Do Not Need Car Insurance

  • Life after death – The fact that a zombie is dead may mean they have a few difficulties finding an insurance company to provide suitable cover.
  • Lunchtime – Knocking down a few pedestrians could be a good plan if you are a zombie. Humans can usually outrun a zombie, which means food is not always readily available for zombies. If a zombie has access to a vehicle, he or she gains a significant advantage. Simply plough into a few people and voila! Lunch is served.
  • Can’t drive, won’t drive – The ability to drive a vehicle will be beyond the majority of zombies, mostly because they lack the necessary cognitive skills to coordinate hands, legs and eyes. They may also lack the necessary body parts.

Zombies can probably do without car insurance, but humans cannot, so when your car insurance is up for renewal, make sure you perform a comprehensive car insurance comparison and shop around for the cheapest price.

Sally Summer writes blogs for many different websites. Sally isn’t a zombie, but she does like watching zombie movies online. She also likes driving and recently renewed her car insurance. In order to obtain the cheapest price, Sally went online for a comprehensive car insurance comparison. It helped her save lots of money.

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