<title> 5 Jobs That Demand Excellent Driving Skills</title>

5 Jobs That Demand Excellent Driving Skills

If you love driving, there are numerous opportunities out there for some incredibly exciting careers. However, many of these driving positions require impeccable driving skills. This means that you not only have to know how to drive many different vehicles, but also how to drive them defensively and safely. For one, you can’t have any marks or infractions on your driving record and also, you need to have advanced skills of all the rules of the road. Many of these skills can be learned through experience, but taking advanced driving lessons never hurts, especially if you want to move up in your career. Here are five jobs that demand excellent driving skills.

  1. Tow truck driver. As a tow truck driver, it will be your responsibility to be on call in case someone’s car breaks down or if a car needs to be transported somewhere, like a mechanic’s garage. When it comes to a tow-trucking career, you generally have a lot of options. For one, you could become a tow-truck driver for a company that takes calls from distressed drivers, or you could become a tow-truck driver for a high-end car dealership that delivers luxury cars straight to customers’ doorsteps. These are just two options in a career rife with different options.
  2. Racecar driver. Racecar driving requires impeccable driving skills, especially if you want to be good at it. As a racecar driver, you will be doing a lot of practicing. Much the same way a sprinter would run around a track, you will be racing around the track getting ready for competitions. Like an athlete, the racecar driver must have incredible reflexes. On a track with 50 other cars all going over 100 miles an hours, you need to be able to keep on your toes.
  3. Stunt car driver. This is another career that takes impeccable driving skills, but it can also be one of the most fun driving careers out there. A stunt car driver isn’t always flipping cars and jumping out of exploding ones – a stunt car driver might also work for commercials, simply driving in and out of scenes. A stunt car driver might also take the place of an actor driving a car in a particular scene of a movie. Whatever the case is, if you have excellent driving skills, you could become a stunt car driver in Hollywood.
  4. Long distance truck driver. As a long distance truck driver, you will be responsible for moving different payloads across long distances. You will also be driving for many hours and miles, so your driving skills are going to need to be impeccable, especially because the truck you are driving will need extra special attention. If you want to find a job as a truck driver, be sure to visit BestDriverJobs.com for numerous listings in the field.
  5. School bus driver. As a school bus driver you will be responsible for making sure young children get to and from school – safely. Not only do you need excellent driving skills, but you also need a clean driving record and you need to get along with children. Other than that, a school bus driver can have a long and fulfilling career.
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