5 Great Ways To Make Money From Your Car

5 Great Ways To Make Money From Your Car

A lot of people tend to ask themselves how they can make money and stress that they don’t any qualifications that would allow them to make some money or supplement their first job. However, many of us tend to look past the qualifications and the skills we have.

A skill that a lot of people have, that can significantly benefit you when thinking of ways to earn money is a driving licence. There is always work for people who can drive and have a good idea and with a little thought and planning you can easily make a few extra pounds on the side, or even set up a full time business that provides notable potential. So, here are some great ideas for driving jobs that could make you money.


People always need items delivered and the use of apps and smartphones has meant that this is a great way to earn money. There are a number of great applications for both Android and IOS that allow you to find jobs in your area that provide you with the chance of delivering an item for someone. If you’re the sort of person who commutes, or travels home at the weekends, this can mean it’s as easy as taking the item from your home to city of work and earning money as you go.

Car Sharing

Another great way to earn money is car sharing apps. These apps allow people the opportunity to find people in their area going the same ways as them and then giving them a lift for a fixed fee. So, if you take regular trips over longer distances, or even to a workplace – these apps offer you a great way to pay for the petrol money. For the passenger the trip is lower and often faster than public transport alternatives, meaning there will be plenty of eager people to hitch a ride for some cash.

Mini Bus

Even though the world of taxis can often seem a little oversubscribed, the mini bus route is a good one and can provide a great first business or supplementary income. Once you lay out the cost of the bus and look at minibus-insurance.net for cover you can use your minibus for all sorts of work. From weddings to Saturday nights to community ventures – there’s plenty of work out there for mini bus owners.

London Black Cab

Of course, a London black cab driver is always a popular job, essentially because of the Knowledge acting as a barrier of entry. Learning every street in the capital city is not easy and takes a lot of time effort and work and so people tend to be put off, meaning that as a full time job, being a London cabbie can be quite a lucrative career.

Classic Car

If you won a classic car or something that’s a little rarer than a Toyota Auris, then why not look into using your car as a prop. There are plenty of places on line where you can register your auto and many films and TV shows are willing to pay well to borrow your car for a few days.

These are some great ways to use your car to make a little money and often throw up a number of alternative business opportunities.

Cormac Reynolds has written for a variety of websites in the car and business area. He is a writer and a lover of all things on four wheels.

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