5 Essential Tools for Car Locksmiths

5 Essential Tools for Car Locksmiths

You know that moment when you get back to your car in the parking lot, reach into your pocket and discover that the keys are missing? There’s that moment of panic. Did you leave them somewhere? Did you drop them on the asphalt as you crossed the lot? The panic turns to something else when you look inside the car and see your keys on the floor or hanging out of the ignition. There’s nothing to be done then but to call up a locksmith. They could take hours to get there, especially if it’s late at night or early in the morning. You might be tempted to pick up some of the tools of the trade in order to avoid this fate, and you could grab a couple of items that will make these moments a bit less miserable. So here are five of the essential tools for car locksmiths you might consider purchasing.

First of all, there are sets of car lock picks. These aren’t just used by criminals, but by AAA mechanics and tow truck drivers as well. The problem here is that the locking mechanism used by each manufacturer is different. Hopefully the lost keys situation happens with your own vehicle, so you could have this covered. Just buy a set of lock picks for your particular make, model and production year, and then keep them in your bag. If you do have to break into your car you’ll get in quickly and easily, without potentially harming the body or the paint job.

If you’ve got an older vehicle that’s still staying strong on the roads, consider picking up a slim jim. This tool will only work on vehicles with the old school rod locking mechanisms. So if you’ve got an automatic locking/unlocking keyfob this will pretty much be useless for you. The slim jim will slide right between the window and the weather stripping. It notches onto the lock and pulls it up. The issue here is if you don’t know what you are doing. You can very easily damage some of the delicate wiring and other components inside the door.

Another essential tool for the locksmith is a wedge. This does exactly what you think. The wedge is pushed into place to create a gap that then helps you get additional tools where they need to go. It’s generally pushed somewhere in between the car’s interior and the body, such as between the window and the frame or the door and the frame. A proper wedge won’t cause much damage, and they even have versions that inflate that are as gentle as possible. Just tread carefully, so you don’t end up shattering a window.

You might also want to consider picking up a set of long reach tools. These come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll have different long reach tools to fill different purposes. These will be useful once you’ve placed the wedge, helping you get something into the car that allows you to disengage the locking mechanism. You’ll use a long reach tool to hit one of those automatic unlock buttons. It will take patience, but you don’t necessarily need a ton of training to be effective.

Finally, you could also use a tension or torque wrench. Locksmiths use these to put pressure on the plug within the car’s lock. The wrench would help you use your lock picks when you’ve got a complicated lock that requires several pins holding position. This is highly technical work, and you’ll spend hours on your own trying to figure it out to no result. If that’s all you have on hand, consider calling up the best Galaxy locksmith Columbus has to offer, or doing a quick web search for Columbus car locksmith services if you don’t have any solid recommendations.

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