5 Common Auto Accident Injuries

5 Common Auto Accident Injuries

There are few things in life as freeing as the open road, a full tank of gas and the wheels of your favorite car spinning underneath you. The American love affair with the automobile goes back about a century at this point, and with each new model year that rolls off the assembly line it’s clear that’s going to continue on to the foreseeable future. Teenagers count the days until they can take their driver’s license test, and seniors fight tooth and nail to keep driving as long as possible. It’s an endeavor that’s both fun and absolutely crucial in many parts of the country, but the fun disappears in a hurry if you ever have the bad luck to experience a car accident. They’re always scary, even if it’s just a fender bender, but in more serious cases you could face injuries that will linger on for years, if not the rest of your life. Here are five of the most common auto accident injuries, as a reminder to always drive safely and wear your seatbelt.

It doesn’t take a major accident for you to experience some sort of neck injury. These are common even in slow speed accidents, and can run the gamut from mildly uncomfortable to downright debilitating. Neck strain or whiplash occur most frequently, due to the sudden jarring stop during the accident. But if you get involved in a high speed crash you could injure a disc or face something even more debilitating, like cervical radiculopathy.

Along those same lines are a wide range of back injuries. These are generally caused by the impact of the accident, and the torque your body is put under when instantly moving from high speeds to a standstill. The back injuries you could suffer during an auto accident include lumbar spine issues, thoracic spine injuries, slipped discs, slight strains or sprains, or even a fracture. This is one area you must be very careful with. The symptoms of a back injury don’t always show immediately, but if you don’t seek treatment the situation could quickly worsen.

Although it may not seem as severe as the above, it’s quite common to deal with a face injury during an auto accident. This is more about the collision, when your face could come into contact with part of the interior of your car. You could run into the dashboard or the steering wheel, or deal with burns due to the airbag. In severe cases you could have lacerations cause by broken glass from the side window or windshield. Most of the time these injuries will heal with proper care and time, but bone fractures and dental injuries will take far longer to return to normal.

The worst case scenario of an auto accident is when you experience a head or brain injury. Regrettably these are incredibly common, and supremely dangerous. The injuries could range from major brain trauma to a simple concussion, and usually you won’t see outward signs of either. A blood clot or bruise inside your skull could cause severe brain damage if left untreated.

The final most common issue from an auto accident is psychological injury. This is a tricky one, and no amount of PMIR will make any difference. This is the mental and emotional fallout that follows such a traumatic event. If you are involved in a serious auto accident you may have faced your own mortality, seen someone you care about severely injured or even pass away in the process. The psychological trauma could ease over time or haunt you for the rest of your days. It’s crucial that you deal with these issues with as much care and attention as you give any physical ailments, or post traumatic stress disorder could be the result.

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