An Exposé – The Top 10 Motorcycling Myths

An Exposé – The Top 10 Motorcycling Myths

There is a common belief that there is immense power in the spoken word. If you’re in the habit of saying something more often, regardless of whether it’s a joke or not, eventually your world will be aligned to this point of view. This is a fact that has been used over the ages by politicians, TV presenters, and bike journalists and now in biker gear. Myths are legendary stories without determinable basis. However, this has a special way of influencing the perception and believes of people. You will find dozens of myths on motorcycles, biker gear and lately on biking itself. Here are the top 10 motorcycling myths you should know about.

1. That you’ll Be Faster on a Race Rubber

No. The truth of the matter is that you’ll definitely fall off. This is common especially if you’re on tarmac where the race tires are not able to shed off heat quickly as they are built to. Road rubber is simply enough to give you the amazing riding experience you’re looking forward to.

2. Expensive Bikes are Better

While there is a common believe that the more expensive something is, the better utility and experience it offers; the scenario is much different with bikes. A survey of the latest high end bike available in the market proves just that. Most of the expensive bikes offer just the brand while the quality and real experience are just baffling.

3. Most Accidents are Caused by Car Drivers

It is a fact that most car drivers are ignorant, dozy and myopic. They are also used to following predictable patterns of behavior referred to as the ‘The Highway Code.’ They tend to follow this pattern unwaveringly hence they do not pose much of a problem. Problem arises when they go rogue and stop following the orderly fashion. This makes them hard to predict hence the probability of an accident. Otherwise, most of the motorcycle accidents do not involve cars but with other bikes especially when riding in groups. In fact, accidents involving cars occur in a distant third after solo accidents which come in second.

4. When vehicle drivers Pull Over and Let You Overtake they’re Being Polite

No, in fact they are agitated and annoyed by your abrupt appearance and want you to piss off. When they pull over, it’s not because they celebrate or appreciate what you’ve done, instead, it because they love and respect you.

5. V-Twins usually have More Traction than Inline Fours

This really depends on who you ask. Even experts have diverse views on this idea and how big firing interval gaps give the rear tire ample time to recover grips between power pulses. While both sides advance significant insights, the truth of the matter is that the all important factor is how the combustion torque is applied to the tire and the tire to the track.

6. No, It Won’t Happen To Me…Never

Sorry, it’s bound to happen and definitely will. There are dozens of riders who simply hang up their boots for goods without having taken one for the team. Regardless of the number of riding badges you have, it’s just a matter of time and luck.

7. New Bikes are Better Than Old Ones

There are lots of aspects to consider when trying to decipher this biking myth , most of which are not explained. While new bikes can be faster, powerful, cheaper to run and technically advanced; they often do not offer much flexibility when it comes to riding or owning one.

8. You’ll be Faster on Traction Control

This is not necessary true. In order for traction control to make you faster it has to give you the much needed confidence to go faster.

9. A Good Rider Can Beat Abs

For those who have ridden the ABS CBR600, ZX-6R, Blade or 10R, outracing them is simply a dream in wonderland.

10. Goldwings are more Comfortable

They are simply uncomfortable unless your spongy. Try sitting in that position in your comfy sofa and you’ll get a feeling of how uncomfortable it can be.

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