5 Things to Consider When Renting a Vintage Car for Your Wedding

5 Things to Consider When Renting a Vintage Car for Your Wedding

People love to look for ways to make their weddings distinctive. After all, you’re putting so much time, money and energy into the planning process you’ll want to make sure every detail of the day is reflective of your personality. It’s the first real statement you and your significant other will make about your life together, and the new family unit you are creating. So if you love cars, or simply want to do something different, you might be thinking about renting a vintage car for your wedding. You’ve probably seen those great pictures of a beautiful bride in the back of a sparkling white Rolls Royce, or the happy couple about to drive off in a ’67 Mustang and want to recreate the same sense of fun and adventure. It’s a great idea, but just make sure and consider these five things when renting a vintage car for your wedding.

First of all, will there be any sort of back up plan in case something goes wrong? You wouldn’t wish bad things to happen to anyone on their wedding day, even your worst enemy. But it’s sort of Murphy’s Law that if something crazy could happen, it probably will. Vintage cars are a gorgeous detail for your wedding day, but keep in mind that vintage also means ‘old’. Make sure the rental company has some sort of a contingency plan, so if a breakdown were to happen you’ll still have a way to get to your wedding on time. Things can’t start without you, but they can get cut short. And you’ll hate to see all that planning go to waste for such a mundane issue.

Along those lines, make sure you also consider the user reviews of any vintage car rental service you are going to hire. Anyone can put up a cool website and get their hands on classic car pictures. It’s something else entirely to deliver quality service that’s dependable as well. Make sure the company you are considering has a long track record of coming through on what they promise and meeting their clients’ expectations. If you don’t, you could end up with some serious trouble on your wedding day.

If you’re planning on driving that vintage car, you must make sure and think about lessons if you don’t have much experience. For example, some couples become enamored with classic muscle cars, and rent one for their getaway at the end of the reception. Then the car is delivered to the wedding, and the couple discovers that it is a stick shift. If neither of them know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle it’s going to be pretty awkward. Some of those classic wedding cars also have the wheel on the opposite side. Take all of these details into consideration before making your plans.

If you’re going to transport the bridal party and your family in one of those vintage cars, make sure it can accommodate them comfortably. Remember, the ladies will all be wearing expensive dresses, and vintage cars tend to be fairly small. Cramped quarters will lead to wrinkled fabric and some fiercely disappointed women. And if the vehicle isn’t that comfortable, older relatives could find the trip difficult. So think about your family and friends before making the call.

Finally, consider the added expense of the process and make sure you’re prepared for any increases. If you’re renting wedding cars with drivers they will be paid by the hour. Depending on the date and time of your wedding, traffic and weather issues could impact things. Vintage car companies aren’t always centrally located, and you’ll be paying for the extra mileage. If you’ve got a couple of different locations involved in the big day, each one will add another layer of expense. It’s all fine as long as you take those bits and pieces into consideration. But sticker shock the day of your wedding is something you won’t want to deal with.

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