Let your Smartphone be your car Manager

Let your Smartphone be your car Manager

To own and drive a car nowadays is considered to be more luxury than necessity, unfortunately. Mostly because of all the costs associated with running a car: fuel costs take the first place, but also regular maintenances, fixes and car services that you are obliged to do. You can keep track of all these costs in a dedicated notebook and after a certain period of time you can maybe see where you can make cuts and thus save some money.

But is there a smarter way to do this? We’re living in an era when the market of smartphones is exploding and especially the fact that the number of mobile applications is increasing daily.

Thus, one question arises here. Can your smartphone help you in managing your car?
The answer is YES in may ways and in this article you will see a couple of options.

Manage fuel expenses and find cheap gas

Your smartphone can definitely help in managing the fuel expenses, but not only managing them but as well as in saving money. It’s not a problem if you buy few times a little more expensive gas, but if you keep doing that over a long period of time you may lose a fortune. Fortunately, there are smartphone applications which can inform you which gas stations offer gas for lowest prices in your area such as GasBuddy. If you join their community and involve in reporting gas prices you have a chance to win $250 gas every week, earn points and other types of awards. On the same website you can use Trip Cost Calculator, a tool that will pinpoint the cheapest gas stations on your way to the final destination.
One short notice here, this application offers information only for US and Canada.
Other popular fuel logger apps I’ve found are: My Cars and Fuel Log.

GasBuddy Mobile App

Track car maintenance and service costs

aCar app is capable of keeping records of various statistics and charts, it has customizable reports, fully customizable maintenance records, time and mileage based reminders (for oil, air filter, etc.) , support for multiple vehicles and a lot more data. Fuel Log Car Management also provides more or less similar functionalities but it additionally adds support for electric cars using kWh, it is usable in every country because it supports different metrics and currency units. Support for more than one vehicle could be interesting for some car owners. You can also consider using CTN Car and Car Maintenance Reminder.

Better traffic and navigation

Believe it or not, if conditions on the road change there are smartphone applications that could help you by suggesting more appropriate routes. One of them is Waze and it aims to be among the most popular smartphone applications that also offers information regarding: traffic jam, it alerts you before approaching police, accidents, camera. Waze also gives you information regarding low gas prices, you can see your Facebook friends driving to the same place and other useful information – if your friends use Waze, you can arrange a carpool.
This is achieved thanks to Waze community, 50 million big. All data are submitted by real drivers.

Waze Mobile App

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