How to Create an Effective Classified Ad to Sell You Used Car

How to Create an Effective Classified Ad to Sell You Used Car

Most of us don’t have the budget to put a flashy commercial online to sell our cars – that ad space is reserved for used cars salesman. However, with the right online or print classified ad you can still have the same selling power. When it comes to selling your car – either on the Internet or in the local newspaper – it’s important that you remain honest about your old clunker, but also do your best to get it off your hands. Here is how to create an effective classified ad to sell your used car.

First, you need to understand your forum. If you are searching for “classifieds ads listings” you’ll usually find a lot more results online, rather than in the newspaper. In addition, classified ads online are typically much more cost effective, because if you post in a newspaper you have to pay per word. Yet, whatever forum you choose will determine how you create your classified ad. If your ad is in the newspaper, you want to make clear descriptions, but keep them short and succinct, because adding a photo can be expensive. When it comes to putting your ad online, you want to include lots of large detailed and colorful photographs – the higher the resolution the better.

When it comes to describing your car online, you don’t want come right out and say that the car needs a new part or needs to have the interior redone, but also you don’t want to withhold any information. Transparency is critical when it comes to selling your car online, but you don’t want anyone to immediately discredit your advertisement. It is recommended that you mention that the car “might need work,” but don’t go into detail until a potential buyer inquires about your vehicle. It is after they inquire about your car when you can give a detailed list of the work that might be needed. You never know, the buyer might be willing to put in the necessary work.

When it comes to including images of your car, you must make them the highest quality and resolution possible. If you don’t have a nice camera, you might want to borrow one from a friend or you can rent one. There is no better way to dissuade potential buyers than by including blurry, low-resolution images in your advertisement. In addition, you want to make sure you take pictures of everything – from the wheel wells to the exhaust pipe. This is especially important online, because a potential buyer wants to have a clear view of the entire vehicle, before they make an inquiry.

Lastly, to really put the finishing touches on an effective classified ad, you must make sure that you say the right things. If your car has leather seats, side-door air bags or even a place to put your umbrella, you want to have a list of all the features. Moreover, if you are posting online, you want to make sure that your subject line only has a few words, but also packs a serious punch. At the end of the day, you want people to click on your ad versus all the others.

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