BMW is it a revolutionises of hybrid cars

BMW is it a revolutionises of hybrid cars

The automotive industry is one of the most responsive of all businesses when it comes to adopting technological advances and developments. You only have to compare a pre-2000 model car from any manufacturer to one that rolls off the production line today to see just how much things have changed in such a short space of time.

One of the biggest areas of change has revolved around the whole issue of fuel consumption, both in terms of getting better value for money and also taking into account environmental considerations.

With international pressures to reduce emissions and consumer pressure to tackle the expense of ever rising fuel costs, manufactures and designers continue to face twin challenges that need single solutions.

Effectively, engines have to evolve into leaner, meaner units that continue to give top of the range performance whilst cutting back on fossil fuel use. Perhaps the most important change in cars over the past decade has been the emergence of the hybrid.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it has been the top end makers that have led the field in hybrid technology and in so doing have proved that performance and sheer engine power can coexist with fuel efficiency.

BMW is one of the main names when it comes to taking engine design to the edge, presenting hybrid vehicles that offer top of the range qualities in every department. Their new ActiveHybrid series incorporates innovative drive systems and EfficientDynamics; an energy management system that delivers on all fronts.

BMW’s first full hybrid saloon uses ‘intelligent’ system technology to guarantee the optimum operation of the hybrid approach to a combustion engine and electric motor. This means that not only are CO2 emissions significantly reduced but petrol consumption is kept to a minimum.

In the BMW 7 Series hybrids, there is no compromise when it comes to design, comfort or spaciousness. The way in which the BMW EfficientDynamics technology combines with a highly efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 engine and a high-torque electric motor means power is never going to be lacking.

One of the main advantages is that electricity is generated during the process of braking and this can then be used for the other electrical equipment in the vehicle or for the next power boost for the engine.

bmw sedan photo wall paper

All taken together, the new BMW range has done nothing short of revolutionising the whole concept of hybrid cars.

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