5 amazing Gadgets for Cars

5 amazing Gadgets for Cars

If you are a bit of a gadget lover, then you will no doubt have thought about getting (or even bought) some gadgets for your car. But what kinds of cool gadgets are out there for car drivers? Take a look at these 5 awesome gadgets for cars!

1. SuperTooth HD

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The SuperTooth HD is a Bluetooth car speakerphone that works by wirelessly linking up to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, and enabling you to use your phone whilst keeping your eyes on the road and both of your hands on the steering wheel!

It requires no wiring or installation. Simply attach it to your car’s sun visor, job done! The SuperTooth HD has superior audio quality, thanks to the two 5w “V array technology” speakers and a 5.4w amplifier – all encased in something that is no bigger than the palm of your hand!

2. Digital video recorder with LCD screen

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This high definition digital video recorder with LCD screen lets you capture video footage using its 120 degree wide angle lens. It displays the footage on its 2.5-inch LCD screen, and saves it onto an SD or MMC memory card.

It can be mounted onto your dashboard or windscreen very easily thanks to the holder and mount included with the product.

These DVRs are perfect for those that wish to record their car journeys, and in case of any accidents they offer fantastic video evidence of any incidents.

3. Gendan GCR25 Diagnostic Scan Tool


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If you are one of many people in the UK that prefer to maintain their cars themselves to save on garage costs (and incompetent mechanics breaking your car), then you need to get yourself this awesome gadget!

The Gendan GCR25 scan tool allows you to quickly read and clear any engine diagnostic trouble codes (or DTCs for short), read freeze frame data, view the status of any on-board tests, and monitor live data from your engine’s sensors in real-time. It works with UK and European cars manufactured from 2001 onwards (2004 onwards for diesels).

4. RoadPilot Road Angel Gem speed camera detector

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A lot of roads in Britain don’t have any speed limit signs (especially country roads). If you have forgotten (or never read) the Highway Code, then a gadget such as the RoadPilot Road Angel Gem speed camera detector is a must-have!

One of Britain’s best loved speed camera detectors, it provides accurate information on speed limits for the roads you are driving on, and you can even suggest alterations to it via its SpeedShare system.

5. Kensington Proximo

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Are you one of those people that forgets where they park their cars at a shopping centre or other multi-storey car park? Maybe you travelled somewhere unfamiliar, parked up on a side street somewhere and forgot which street you parked at?

If this sounds like you, then you need the Kensington Proximo. Using your iPhone, this Bluetooth-enabled device can be easily tracked, and you can use it with your keys too if you forget where you put them down also!

This post was written by James Taylor, auto blogger on behalf of Fiat Dealer, WLMG.

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