Tips for Buying and Selling Personalised Number Plates

Tips for Buying and Selling Personalised Number Plates

Once upon a time, just a very special group of people used to opt for personalised number plates. These people were rich and famous. However, this trend has changed and today, laypeople, businesses and even investors can buy them now.

The main reason for this surge in demand is that, people look at personalised number plates as a way to reflect their identity or make a statement. Today, these number plates have become a tool for businesses to advertise their products and/or service and creating brand awareness and recognition. Investors realise that buying and selling personalised number plates can be a profitable business opportunity. And individuals just want to make a statement or feel different; some may even use number plates to hold on to certain aspects of their identity.

Tips for Investors

If you are looking at old personalised number plates as an investment opportunity, here are some tips that will help you immensely:

• Buying a number plate has a broader market appeal than a number plate that is specific. This way you will be able to attract a larger audience when you decide to sell the registration; and it will allow you to get the amount you are seeking.
• Do your research well. It is important that you first check the market to get a feel of the price for similar number plates. This will ensure that you pay the right amount for the plate you are looking to buy.
• When buying an old personalised number plate from a dealer, there are chances that the value of the number plate may decline. Hence, be prepared for it and do not get upset.

As an investor, you will be targeting individuals, collectors and businesses to market the old personalised number plates that you own. It is important that you research your target market and check for trends where old number plates are concerned. If you do your research right, you will be able to generate a high return when you sell the number plates. It goes without saying that the rarer the old personalised number plate, the more attention and money it is going to generate. For instance, there is a report of a father buying a number plate for his five-week old son for a £17,000. Similarly, a number plate that was issued between 1904 and 1915 was sold in 2008 for an outrageous price of £440,625. This is the rate of return that you can garner if you choose the number plate carefully.

Personalised Number Plates

While it is advisable to invest in an old number plate for the broader market, at times, it may be worthwhile to invest in a specific personalised number plate. Take the example of a buyer, who bought a number plate stating PAYPAL on eBay. He paid $350 for it. The chances are high that this number plate will be bought by someone who is looking for something very specific to celebrate a special day or event in their life. If this happens, the eBay buyer will be able to demand a high price for an investment of $350 and end up generating a massive profit. If you are savvy investor, you will learn to discern the value of a number plate not just based on its age, but also on its ability to sell. Ultimately, all forms of business are governed by the economics of supply and demand and buying and selling old personalised number plates is not different.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to make a profit from buying and selling old personalised number plates, you should do your research well and opt for a number plate that has a market. If you deal with number plates that help a person reflect his identity or personality, allow a business to market itself or let collectors improve their collection, you will be able to generate a profit that is unheard of. There are many online sites that deal with such number plates and they tend to offer them at competitive prices. So, begin your search and before you know it, you will be making money from buying and selling old and personalised number plates.

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Martin Temple believes in helping people get personalised number plates of their dreams. With his help, many people have got access to old, cherished and personalised number plates. He recommends people use the National Numbers website to check out personalised vehicle registration plates or get access to old number plates. They will not leave the site disappointed.

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