The Ultimate Ride is a Journey Without Destination

The Ultimate Ride is a Journey Without Destination

When was the last time you drove for pleasure? When was the last time you drove with no destination in mind?
We sit in front of our TV’s on our comfortable sofas and watch all those commercials where a brand new shiny car passes through the mounting roads, on an open field or drives on the concrete somewhere in a beautiful city. We see how a car can put a smile on people’s faces and bring them together. They seem to be happy hanging out with their friends and families… We take a look closely and we whisper to our self’s “I want to be just like that guy. I want to feel free and careless. I want to own that car and travel the world!” We make a promise to ourselves that one day we will take the car on the adventure just like that man in the commercial. But sadly, somewhere down the line we happen to lose that feeling and we break the promise…

Winding road

Caught in the daily routine we look upon our cars merely as a mean of transportation, a workhorse who will get us from point A to point B. The truth is they are much more than this! They mean so much more! For me personally having a car is like having an extra sense of freedom. When I sit down behind the wheel I get the feeling that I can go anywhere and I can do anything. Wonderful roads are always near – routes that slices through forests, dance along the coastlines, and threads through the mountain passes. The best thing is that you can always pull over just to enjoy in some breathtaking view, to stare silently in the distance, moments where life make sense. I can wake up tomorrow in a different country surrounded with different things and have a breakfast with different people. It is all about the journey, the adventure, the unique experience. Sometimes it seems that no matter where you go and no matter how long you’re gone, it’s difficult to not come home different than you were before you left. It has its way of changing you. It makes you better and richer as a person. There is no substitute for driving the car of your dreams on an open road in a far away country. There is nothing in the world that can replace the feeling of freedom. In that moment there is no past, there is no future just the ultimate pleasure of driving.


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