Impressive Haulers: The World’s Biggest Trailers

Impressive Haulers: The World’s Biggest Trailers

Business owners are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote their company ethos or to transport cargo or passengers more efficiently in greater safety. Companies from many countries around the globe have taken the simple and practical floor plan design of the standard trailer and have transformed this basic structure to accentuate their needs. Trailers are popular because of their practicality and functionality. They can be matched to almost any design to ensure that they can carry out a job in the most efficient manner possible.

Because of their simple and basic design, a trailer is the perfect model on which to create custom built trailers to suit individual needs. This customisation has meant that businesses are now investing in innovative trailer design features to ensure that they get the best results possible for their businesses. There are many components of the standard trailer template which can be altered and customised to accentuate performance to improve functionality, efficiency or even manoeuvrability for long loads. Overall, most trailers appear to be customised specifically for business use to transport goods or people, or for personal use as they can even be used as a mobile holiday home.

This blog post will explore some the world’s most impressive trailers which are currently used today; examining how they have been adapted to complete the task which they are designed for.

The Road Train

The road train may look impressive and complex, but it stems from a very simple trucking concept – to move freight in an efficient manner. Most often these gigantic hauling trains are associated with Australia where they are most commonly used. However, they are also known to be used in places like Argentina, the United States and Canada.

The road train not only has a simple ideology behind it; it also has a simple and structured layout. They are generally made up of a conventional tractor unit which instead of pulling the usual one trailer, actually pulls two or more. This extension to the typical tractor and trailer idea maximises the load that it can carry to offer greater efficiency by taking advantage of the straight roads and wide open spaces of the areas where they are used.

It is widely recognised that the Australian, Kurt Johansson is the inventor of these extraordinary vehicles. He was apparently challenged to find a way of carrying 100 cattle; instead of the more conservative and usual twenty. Johansson created a set of trailers which could steer with both sets of wheels on each trailer which improved the overall vehicles manoeuvrability, allowing it to transport large amounts of necessary goods such as fuel, livestock and other forms of freight.

The Midnight Rider

Unlike the great road trains, the Midnight Rider does not transport supplies and freight. It instead deals in another commodity – people. The Midnight Rider is recognised as the world’s largest and most luxurious limousine and features again a simple tractor-trailer design, but which is then draped in splendour and over the top grandeur. Based in Southern California, this 70 foot long limousine has 22 low profile tyres and a crew of five, including a driver, barman and mechanical engineer. The Midnight Rider is designed to take up to forty guests in sumptuous comfort and luxury, to recreate a memorable experience of late 1800s stylish railroad travel. With a weight of 50,560 lbs and a 48 foot turning circle, this limousine isn’t the easiest to manoeuvre; however, it does come with three separate lounges and its very own bar. To provide a comfortable and smooth ride for its passengers, the Midnight Rider has air ride suspension so you will not have to fear spilling your drink.

Stuart Edge is a writer who is astonished that even the most impressive and largest Custom Built Trailers are based on a simple trailer design. Businesses recognise the importance of improving efficiency of deliveries and transportation which is why they customise trailers to suit their specific needs.

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