Grandfather old Motorbikes

Grandfather old Motorbikes

What you have in your old grandfather garage can make you a fortune. Probably this first sentence is showing what is this article about. And this is not only the article but real story. Few years ago one of my friends inherited a small farm some few hundred miles up north. He was not so excited about that because as he said: “It is small plot of land with old house and even older barn.”

We decided to visit this place a few weeks after, just to get a few days free from our steady girlfriends. Everything was going smoothly. We were not in hurry so we were stopping at almost every gas station. The first time for some breakfast and the next few times for a coffee and beer. When we arrived at the farm it was almost a noon and we slowly start to walk around to see what is going on and is there anything interesting to see. It was obvious that only a month or two ago this was the ordinary working farm with some land, cattle and other domestic animals. Now everything was quiet because all animals were taking care by the friend of the previous owner. First we were walking around the house and then we went to the barn.

one expencive old motorbike

We open the door and we were really surprised by the content inside. One pickup in excellent condition and three old motorbikes. My friend start walking around and he suddenly stop at the second bike. He turn around and with the dry voice he said – Hey guys we struck a gold here…

Well… I am not going to bother you with the whole story, but I will just say: When he sold all three bikes he had more money than he made by selling the whole farm including the land, house and the barn. He was looking to sell it directly to the private collectors, but in the first place he did not had any knowledge or connections to make it right. Then he went to this company which was claiming: we buy any bike. He sold all three old motorbikes to them. I thing he had his money within a few days.

That is the reason I will tell you again: Be careful and open your eyes in your grandfather garage.

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