How to Recycle Your Old Car

How to Recycle Your Old Car

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There are a number of ways to recycle your old car. However, it goes beyond just knowing how to recycle your old car, but recycling it the right way. An abandoned vehicle can have hugely negative consequences on the environment and a car that is disposed of the wrong way can pollute the world’s oceans and ground water. So if you have an old car that is just sitting on the curb or in your garage there is definitely hope in getting rid of it. Here are some ways to recycle that old car of yours.

For one, no matter how old, rusted, or broken down the car is, it is critical to look up the vehicle’s market value in the current condition it is in. It might not have much value, but even though it might not be worth much you don’t want to end up throwing out money. Even though a car itself might not be worth much, its parts usually are, especially if it is a classic car or a rare model. In fact, the more rare the vehicle, the more money its parts are worth. In fact, you can actually sell the car for the metal itself, which can be recycled and used for a number of industrial applications.

Next, if the car still runs or if it only needs a little maintenance you could donate it to charity. This is a form of recycling that is really giving back to your community. Plus, you can get a huge tax break by declaring the donation of your vehicle on your next tax return. You can get even more of a tax break if the charity sells the vehicle for scrap, which is considered a cash donation.

Another option is to strip the car and sell the parts to online buyers. Chances are that you’ll get a lot of buyers, especially if the car is a classic. With the body of the car, you can send it to a scrap yard where it can be melted down. If your car is older and is made out of a certain kind of metal, you can actually get a lot of money. If your car is newer it might be harder to strip the vehicle, because there will be many more computerized parts, so it is important to get advice from a someone who knows newer cars. Also, make sure to look up environmental data resources to make sure you are following all of your state’s regulations for sale and disposal of car parts.

Lastly, you could trade your car. Freecycling is a revolutionary new trade and bartering system where you can get rid of your old stuff in exchange for things like dentistry and even chiropractic services. There are a number of freecycling websites where people list their old stuff or services they have to offer in exchange for new stuff. This can be a great way to recycle your old car instead of letting it rot and pollute the earth in a landfill.

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