Flying Cars – Revolution in the Near Future!

Flying Cars – Revolution in the Near Future!


Will the flying cars change the future and impact to the transport in general?

The answer is: Yes!

In the future anyone can fly! … Alone, with the family, with friends, with the girlfriend / boyfriend …

The developer Dr. Paul Moller for producing flying cars believes that, the science fiction illusion for flying cars becomes reality and by the 2014 we will start to fly with cars!

It will be a four seat hybrid with winks, which will flies for you. You should just program them and tell him your wanted destination.

The society in the near future will definitely be different.

terrafugiaIt will actually solve a lot of traffic problems.

The people already purchase from the first Flying Cars and planes that drive, like Terrafugia’s Transition.

It is created above all for professional uses, offers more options, less maintenance, more safety and gives the world a new perspectives and more personal freedom.

When will they official be available on the market?

The companies already have pre-orders at the beginning of 2013.

Flying cars already effect of the rules and regulations of the transport laws. Governments around the world, for example in Holland and USA actively work on the regulations of the road and highways in the Sky for this type of vehicles.

Of course first off all will be made ​​all necessary checks and tests, than the cars will official be available on the market.

There are few flying cars currently on the market, but essentially there are two types:

The PAL-V One is a car that can fly and Terrafugia – plan that drives.

It is a primary purpose vehicle for personal or professional use. It is designed for daily personal employ and can be used professionally as well, for quicker regional air travel.

What kind of license do you need for this type of car?

A sport’s pilot license and a standard driving license.


The sky has no limits

Shortened travel

Less traffic jams

Reducing the consumption of oil

Reduced maintenance costs of the highways

Safe driving


No runway needed

Engine recharges the batteries

When you arrive it lands for you

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