Driverless Science Fiction Cars Closer to Reality!

Driverless Science Fiction Cars Closer to Reality!


The big companies such as Companies like, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Toyota already made some prototypes of the self-driver vehicles. Google has a huge contribution here, especially the tool Google maps.

The car professionals say that these vehicles will be even better drivers than the humans, just like the robots and machines, which are able to test and analyze and assess results with greater precision than people.

These cars will have special systems, which will warn you for any abnormal situation of the vehicle, for example if you drive too fast and the vehicle in front of you is slowing down, or if you drive out of the road line.

The low about the driverless vehicles is already entered into force in Nevada USA, on May 2012.

The main benefits of these vehicles will be:

Improved system software operation

Pollution control equipment

Cleaner Environment

Parking the car automatically

The driver is free, and can make other activities, like reading newsletter, sleeping, making phone calls …

Safety! You don’t have to worry if you are not so good driver, the car will know everything and will drive you safety

No need to be frightened of taking away your attention, you can freely talk with the other people in the vehicle, and you can also peaceful drink coffee!

Every highway lane will be dynamic, which will save time and nerves

Robot Taxi – with a special “come and get me” button

Drastically reducing the number of car accidents

This type of vehicles will give the opportunity to persons with disabilities to participate equally in the traffic.

Saving gas.

Wired Magazine assumed that people will not need a driver’s license, and therefore there will be no limit on the age of the driver!

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