The Abilities And Pleasures Of The 2015 Volkswagen Mk7 GTI

The Abilities And Pleasures Of The 2015 Volkswagen Mk7 GTI

The North American car fanatics are a little bit angry and sad when it comes to the new Volkswagen GTI or Mk7 model. The deliveries are scheduled in a year so until 2014 North Americans won’t be able to feel the pleasures that the new Golf GTI or Mk7 will give.

Ok, I guess it’s worth the wait. But they better make sure they’ll give us the car they promise. Why is all the wait anyway? Well, the thing is VW needs to get its Puebla, Mexico, factory completely on-line to build all of North America’s Golfs and GTIs. The deadline for this happening is July 2014. Let’s explain a little why it is worth to wait.


The 93-pound lighter Mk7 GTI will do 0-60 in 6.4 seconds.

For the Mk7 GTI, power from the iron-block EA888 2.0-liter TSI four-cylinder versus the Mk6 GTI still on sale is up 10 percent to 217 horsepower between 4,500 and 6,200 rpm, and peak torque is up 51 pound-feet to 258 lb-ft between 1,500 and 4,400 rpm.

Because of its “weight loss diet” the new Mk7 GTI is faster than the outgoing GTI in about 0.4 seconds. The new GTI now weights bellow 3,000 pounds and its new weight is 2,941 pounds despite being longer and wider than its predecessor.

Almost all of the weight loss can be attributed to VW exploring ever thinner gauge high-strength steels for both the sheet metal and all of the main joiners of body and chassis. Their goal was to create lighter car that is stronger and stiffer.


No factory-issue Golf has ever come this far in extending our abilities.

The greatest potential of the system comes when you hit the accelerator hard and it comes out of the myriad French curves. The outer wheel is grabbing and tugging at the tarmac but it is smooth enough and keeps with the drama of the moment.

Combined with the new chassis, which sits sixth-tenths of an inch lower on firmer springs and dampers, the GTI is an empowering revelation. The car gives a feeling like there is nothing impossible. It gives confidence and belief it can do anything.

There is effectively no under steer push and no torque-steer tugging going on, No factory-issue Golf has ever come this far in extending our abilities during super-hot escapades. Not even an R32 or present Golf R.

In our opinion the Performance trim should include an angrier optional exhaust. Everything else is just perfect for a nice sport car. You can also transform this sport beast into a family car with its control interface’s modes Comfort, Normal, Sport, Eco, and Individual.

The Eco mode is great for saving fuel. It improves the fuel of the omnipresent 2.0-liter TSI and lessens its CO2 footprint by 18 percent versus the Mk6 GTI. You can set your own mode and experience the car as you think it’s most suitable with the Individual option.



The traditional Jacky plaid sport fabric on the seats has been evolved into a new pattern dubbed Clark.

The new model has many differences compared to the old Mk6 model. As one of the most noticeable and fun things this car has is its different style and design. The traditional Jacky plaid sport fabric on the seats has been evolved into a new pattern dubbed Clark.

The old standard 18-inch wheels have new design called Brooklyn instead of its old Detroit alloys. This new look gives the most powerful look that any Mk model ever had. It gives the base of the character that this model is shining with.

The electronically assisted steering with 2.0-turns from lock to lock is weighted nicely and pleasingly precise. Critically, XDS+ goes one step further from its Mk6 XDS iteration. This combination of components and the latest XDS+ electronic limited-slip action is a solid setup.

To sum up we are able to say that this model is better than the Mk 6 in every angle. The main question is how much will it cost? The answer is somewhere around 24,700$ for the base price tag. If you are not aroused by the base model you can get it with a full package.

The Mk7 package includes 10 more horsepower, larger-diameter, a maximum-torque phase that stretches out 200 more revs to 4,600 rpm, internally vented brake discs gloved by pretty red calipers stamped with a white “GTI,” a higher 155-mph top speed.

It also includes a Haldex-style electrically controlled mechanical locking sport differential and one-tenth of a second quicker acceleration to 60 mph. If you ask yourself if you really need this extra staff, the answer I’ll give you is ask your heart, and your “need for speed” heart says: “you need this extra staff”.


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