GPS – Always find your way!

GPS – Always find your way!

The famous Global Positioning System also known as GPS started as an idea of the United States’ Department of Defense. It is a well-known fact that until 1980’s the main purpose of the US Government was to use it as a system for military needs, but later on they introduced it for a civilian use as well.

GPS Sattelite

It’s a system that uses a number between 24 and 32 satellites set around the Earth orbit. These satellites transmit microwave signals that precisely and clearly measure and determine the location and time no matter the weather conditions and wherever they’re in no obstructed line of sight to at least four satellites.

It works anywhere in the world at any time. The best thing is that it is available to all citizens of the Planet and it’s free without any fee. The only thing that is needed is a device that supports GPS (One of the best GPS reviews you can find on

GPS vs. Other systems around the Globe

GPS Structure
Other systems use similar methodology of satellite transition of microwave signals to determine location or time, but they don’t posses the level of quality GPS does and are under development.

They are built and supported by some of the other biggest nations on the Earth, like: Galileo positioning system (built by the European Union and European Space Agency), GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems operated by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces), BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System let by the Chinese) and IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System developed by the Indian Space Research Organization under control of the Indian Government.)

GPS is what you need!

Finding your route has never been easier

Getting around by car, on foot or road traffic has never been easier. Thanks to the new GPS navigating system that can be used in many situations. And while any GPS system can get you anyway you want to go, one of the main needs is to read from maps. That’s why a wide screen is a MUST.

Entering the location you want to go is easy too, because of the big buttons that can be easily recognized and typed on. GPS devices with a voice command may be the easiest to use. Though some tests have shown that’s not always the case. That means whenever you decide to buy a GPS device with a voice command, you always have to have in mind that when you are saying the name of the wanted location-your voice have to be loud and clear.

The command will be easily recognized and there will be no confusion in system’s working, especially in cases like homophones (ex. Richfield or Litchfield). You should also turn down the music. Since there is usually more than one way to get to your destination most GPS devices will let you choose the fastest, shortest or even toll free routes.

And along with turn by turn spoken street directions some tests have found out that the best devices list road by text as well they allow you the option to avoid certain roads. Tired of getting stuck and trafficked? Many new GPS systems provide traffic information for free.

You can just easily get lost on footage when you are somewhere for the first time. That’s why many GPS devices now provide a ‘Pedestrian mode’ that can be helpful to walk around in unfamiliar towns or cities. It’s also really important to look up for the battery life. The best devices last up for five hours. The worst-last only for one hour.

Other features: Why GPS before anything else?

Science of gps

Reality view provides a realistic glimpse of the major junctions complete with overhead road signs. All you have to do is to press the Where am I? (Or Help feature) button and pinpoint your exact location in case you get lost or in an emergency. This feature can guide you with one touch to the nearest hospital or police station.

You may also find the easiest way to the closest restaurant, an auto repair service or a gas station if you run out of gas. More advanced units can show you gas prizes too. Some of the devices have Bluetooth for hands free calls, mp3 players, FM transmitters and iPod connections. This is an appealing option if you don’t want to carry another extra device or upgrade an older vehicle.

If you have GPS navigation on your cell phone you don’t even need a dedicated device because some tests found out that some Smart phones can work just as well like traditional GPS unit.

But the smaller screen can be tougher to see and the smaller buttons – harder to use. The free Google navigation that works for most of the Smart phones may seem like a good deal but GPS units provide more of the helpful features.

We can help you find the device that best meets your needs and budget.

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