Faraon Electric Car From Serbia – photos, review, price

Faraon Electric Car From Serbia – photos, review, price

faraon electric car from serbia

By the end of 2013, Serbian automotive company “Faraon” will present their new project – an electric car prototype. The prototype will be build using the most innovative polymer and composite materials. This approach in the manufacturing will make this car very easy and strong.

If everything goes to the plans, factory will be build by the end of 2014 and the first electric vehicles will roll out of the production flor in the first months of 2015. In the first year only 2.000 electric cars will be produced, 10.000 in the second year.

The yearly production of electric cars after this two year period will be 40.000 electric cars. more than 1.000 people will find a job in the new factory and 8.000 more are expected in the secondary or supporting industry which will be developed around this project.

Primary markets for the new Faraon electric car will be West Europe, South Korea, China and Japan. The “Faraon” – company with the same name as the electric car, have a long term plans to build a second factory in China where they will produce the vehicle on the large scale. Some of the company managers are mentioning a one million cars annually.

electric car faraon

Our opinion is that this is some kind of wishful thinking by some people in Serbia.

In the last few years, couple of companies from Croatia (which is Serbian neighbor and competitor in the South East Europe), developed a small but healthy electric car production like DokIng – a small electric car. Probably Serbian neighbors would like to develop some similar project, but it is not clear to us, how they will make an electric car and they even can not make a company web site?

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