<title> 5 Tips for Getting the Lowest Auto Insurance Rates</title>

5 Tips for Getting the Lowest Auto Insurance Rates

If you aren’t careful and don’t read between the lines you can end up paying double or even triple on your car insurance premiums. In most places in the world, having car insurance is one the basic requirements before you get behind the wheel of an automobile. This is mainly due to the fact that if you get into a collision and there is significant damage to the cars involved or any serious injuries, the person liable doesn’t have to come out of pocket to cover the expenses, because many times they can’t and the other person is left picking up the pieces. Yes, car insurance is good for all people involved in the unfortunate case of an accident, but if you have bad credit, are a young driver, or don’t know how the industry works you could be paying way too much money on your monthly payments. Here are 5 tips for getting the lowest auto insurance rates.

  1. Call around. Searching for an auto insurance company by either looking online or asking your friends and family is the first step, but once you have a good list going you want to call to get a quote. Some companies might take a few days to give you a quote because you have to fill out an application and then they will do a background and driving history check to make sure they can provide the best rates according to how much of a risk you are. Once you have a list of rates, then you can start negotiating a better price.
  2. Equip your car with better safety features so that it limits the amount of liability and thus your monthly premiums. Depending on how much of a liability your car is they will charge you bigger and bigger premiums. However, if you retrofit your car with better air bags, an alarm system and other features your car will be much less susceptible to theft. All an insurance company wants to do is to protect their back, on top of yours.
  3. If you do have a poor driving history and lots of points on your license, your rates can go through the roof. However, all is not lost. You can always take extra driving lessons or classes that teach you about some of the biggest dangers in driving on the road and your insurance company might be a lot more lenient.
  4. If you have a classic car there is a much bigger chance that you will be paying higher premiums for your auto insurance. In this instance, your best bet would be to go with an insurance company that specializes in classic car insurance, like Emerald Protection. You can find out about their services and inquire about a quote by visiting http://www.emeraldprotection.co.uk/
  5. Lastly, always ask your insurance company if they have any discounts and how you can be eligible to take advantage of them. In most cases, an insurance company will have a huge set of discounts that agents can only share if asked. Who knew that being a little more inquisitive could save you money on car insurance?
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