5 Major Differences Between the Current and the New Upcoming Hyundai Tucson/ix35!

5 Major Differences Between the Current and the New Upcoming Hyundai Tucson/ix35!

When the first Tucson/ix35 was unveiled in March 2010, it was very hard to satisfy the big consumer demand in the world. This Korean SUV became the fastest selling Hyundai car in the history of this company. Its worldwide sales exceeded all the expectations of the Hyundai’s decision makers. Only in Europe, 220,000 units were sold until March 2013.

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The new Hyundai Tucson/ix35 made its official debut at 2013 Geneva Motor Show as upgraded version of the Hyundai’s fastest selling model on the European continent. In this new developed version, there is a big range of technological improvement which is making this middle class SUV more suitable for every customer.

At another part of the world, in South Korea, in a totally different project, the ix35 Fuel Cell officially went out from the manufacturing plant.

These are the New Hyundai Tucson/ix35 Efficiency Upgrades:

  1. 1.    Efficiency Upgrades – New engine, Exhaust System and Auto Transmission!

The “old” Theta II 2.0-litre gasoline engine is replaced with the brand new, more efficient “Nu” GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine. The new engine is more powerful, it offers 166 horse power, more torques (205 Nm with 20, 9 kg/m) and satisfies the Euro 5 emission standard.

This GDI engine was developed in the R&D Center in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

New “Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation” (LP EGR) was installed for improving the fuel efficiency together with the new auto 6-speed transmission, developed for the 4WD and 136 hp 2.0-litre ‘R’ engine.

  1. 2. More Refined Technology – “Flex Steer” System!

In the new Tucson/ix35 there is integrated “Flex Steer” system with 3 modes. This new feature is allowing the driver to choose between the comfort, normal or sport driving options, in order to suit the driving environment.

  1. 3.    New Advanced Interior Features!

The new Tucson/ix35’s customers will have benefit from the different options: ESC (Electronic Stability Control), heated steering wheel, front parking sensors, 4,2-inch LCD TFT display, Bi-Xenon front  lights, LED daytime display as well as new  16, 17 and 18-inch alloy wheels.

  1. 4.    Improved Interior Material Quality!

The materials inside the new Tucson/ix35 are now with the higher quality, the chrome shines on the dash air ventilation intakes and there are new stylish illuminated cup holders together with the shade band on the front windshield.

The new Tucson/ix35 is designed and developed at the European Technical Center (HME TC) in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

Hyundai Triple Care in Europe!

5-year warranty / unlimited mileage, 5 years-roadside assistance and 5 years of service checks comes with every Hyundai Tucson/ix35 sold in Europe.

The Best Warranty in the USA!

New Vehicle Warranty 5 yrs / 60,000 miles
Anti – Perforation Warranty 7 yrs / unlimited mileage
Powertrain Warranty 10 yrs / 100,000 miles

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