<title> 5 Benefits of Owning an ATV</title>

5 Benefits of Owning an ATV

Quad bikes

Quad bikes (Photo credits: www.campgroundsigns.com)

If you love the great outdoors, nothing allows you to traverse it better than with an ATV. Bicycles aren’t fast enough and won’t allow you to fully experience a certain location, whether you are in the desert, the mountains or the beach. And a car is limiting because you can’t really go off road to explore uncharted landscapes. Owning an ATV is one of the great tools used by today’s modern explorers. Whether you are in Iceland or the Sahara Desert, ATVs allow the rider to see more, experience more and get the most of their adventures. There are also a number of other benefits too. Here are 5 benefits of owning an ATV.

  1. ATVs allow you to see more of a certain location. Walking, biking and driving won’t cut it when you have to traverse a particularly daunting landscape. If there are lots of rocks, stone or steep hills and mountains to climb, an ATV is specially built to cover all terrain. It is compact, has four-wheel drive and is extremely versatile, which can make it a true mountaineer or adventurer’s best friend.
  2. Another benefit is that ATVs are usually much cheaper than other modes of transportation. All terrain jeeps and cars might be able to cut in in many of the locations you want to visit, but an ATV will generally be up to $2000 less expensive. Moreover, you won’t run the risk of damaging your vehicle as a result.
  3. Next, ATVs are fun. They are a little bit like jet skis on land. There are also a number of manufactures who are experimenting with amphibious ATVs, which can be easily be driven on water, as well as land. Usually though, most true destination travelers will choose a classic ATV, because they are fun to ride, easy to get around on and they are versatile.
  4. Also, ATVs won’t get in the way, especially if you are going through a dense forest or jungle. If there are lots of plants, you will usually have an easier time getting through with an ATV and not a vehicle. ATVs are also great at traveling over landscapes with different temperatures. For instance, you could take one of the many Iceland Jeep tours to visit the country or you can take an ATV, which will offer much more flexibility.
  5. Lastly, ATVs are light and you travel around easier with them. If you want to maximize your adventure and don’t want to make sacrifices, you will always be better off with an ATV over a 4X4. If you want to visit multiple locations, taking your ATV will allow you to traverse more landscapes in a shorter amount of time. Driving a 4X4, a jeep or an all terrain truck is extremely limiting. ATVs are lightweight and usually be carried in the back of a pickup truck or can be towed by a large vehicle, but once you are off and running, the only thing stopping you is only how far your food and water supply will take you.
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