Saving Energy Solution: Electric Cars

Saving Energy Solution: Electric Cars

Do we live in a Renaissance period in the Field of Electric Cars? Yes! Of course! Over 2 billion vehicles on the roads? Yes, this will happen very soon.

It is not surprise anymore to hear that the transportation sector has a huge impact of the petroleum consumption and the CO2 emissions. And this sector is responsible for the largest share of CO2 emissions compared with all other sectors of economy and social living.

Chevrolet electric car

The number of vehicles on the roads grows continuously, and the producers permanently work on it to find a solution, to create vehicles, which will be practical and will not interfere on the environment.

Don Siegel, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, speaks about the Electric vehicle batteries.

He refers the electric vehicle as a marvel of the modern technology: 2013 Chevy Volt, the first resolution to this point in question was the plug-in hybrid electric car. It came on the market in 2010.

It can travel about 38 – 40 miles on battery power alone. Those batteries are built on lithium ion chemistry.

Major Features:

Is extremely safe

LCD dashboards

On-board computers

Kinetic energy renewal

Remote monitoring with smartphone

Plugin hybrid electric vehicle and it can go about 40 miles on battery charge alone

Gas-powered generator, which goes on when battery

8-year (100,000 mile) battery warranty

Quiet cabin

Charges on 110 or 220 volts

No polluting by products because this car gets its power from batteries, the wind or the sun

Three times as efficient as gas engines

If you are interested about it to drive safe and eco-friendly car, you should think about the opinion – electric car, for example the tested 2013 Chevy Volt – 100 percent emission-free!

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