If Einstein Designed a Car, He’d Design a Hyundai!

If Einstein Designed a Car, He’d Design a Hyundai!

Hyundai= Innovation!

Over the past few years, Hyundai is working hard to prove that it can produce innovative cars, such as Toyota, Honda and other manufacturers of the country sunset.

With the acquisition of the reputation of the manufacturer of cars that last, Hyundai Motor Company’s diversified their views towards gaining reputation in the field of innovation.

According to “Patent-ranking” where the Japanese have traditionally been at the forefront of innovation in electronic mobility, its neighbor South Korea has the most progress in the last few years.

According to “Gruenecker-Germany”-most renowned company in this field, Hyundai is ahead of Nissan, Honda, Ford, Mitsubishi and all other reputable automotive brands.

Toyota stays on top with 188 (2011) registered patents within the electronic mobility for this year, while Hyundai is in second place with 69 (2011) registered patents.

Hyundai equal to Innovation

The Best Examples of Hyundai’s Ideas:E.B.S. RIDER – Electric bicycle and a car’s spare tire

Electric bicycle and a car's spare tire


Imagination becomes reality at the Hyundai R&D Idea Festival. Last year 84 design teams displayed their wild ides made into Hyundai vehicles. The idea of this festival is to show off the great creativity of Hyundai Designer in Korea.

E.B.S. RIDER won the Grand Prize.

Multi-functional electric bicycle, with rear wheel that can also function as spare tire. The shape of this bike is optimized to be stored in the spare tire space in every car’s trunk.

This multifunctional innovation add benefits to value for the vehicle owner, enhanced mobility and recreational value, serve as a spare tire in case of a flat tire.

NFC  – Hyundai Connectivity Concept – Unlock Your Car With a Smartphone

Unlock Your Car With Smartphone

Hyundai’s Connectivity Concept will allows the Hyundai owner to lock & unlock the car with a Smartphone, placing it over a special NFC tag and start the car with placing the phone by the central console. This innovation was selected on 2012 Car Tech Awards as the “Most Promising future tech”.

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