Futuristic self-driving Cars!

Futuristic self-driving Cars!

Are we on at the threshold of an era of futuristic cars, which we used to see only in the science fiction movies and cartoons?!

The answer is: yes, we are!

The beginning of the so-called driver-less cars era is in the early 1930s. The first representation of this kind of car was at 1939 on the World’s Fair. The name of the first self-driving car is Norman Bel Geddes’s Futurama.

Then followed the innovation experiments by Merzedes Benz, EC EUREKA Prometheus Project, DARPA …

self driven car

Nowadays Google, Toyota and Audi are bringing news in the part of the driver-less cars and creating the future of the driving. They will be safe cars, will drive more efficient and will not harm the environment.

We use Google controls to navigate the web, but very soon we will also use Google together with the Google maps to drive us home safely.

The self-driving cars have sensors, lasers, cameras, maps and navigation systems. They can calculate how close another car is far of them or behind them.

The standards for the computer driven car are higher than the standards for human driven car.  It doesn’t mean that the humans are not good in diving cars. It means that a computer controlled car can be safer because the computers have a faster reaction time, than human beings. The thousands of sensors and possibility for fast calculation make them better driver than the humans. Sometimes we also no pay attention on the road, we are talking to our friend, or our phone is ringing, or we are listening radio…

The computers have no problem with “taking away the attention”!

And it will be eco-friendly! They will have sensors and make decisions of every aspect of the driving.

Sebastian Burkhard Thrun , educator, computer specialist and robotics developer from Germany is also taking a big part in the creating of the driverless cars era as a Google VP with the main idea, better and safer life!

The U.S. state of Nevada, is the first country in USA, which authorized the operation of driver-less cars in Nevadain June 2011. It went in to effect on 1 March, 2012.

License plates are red with the sign for infinity, symbolizing the importance of this type of vehicles, vehicles of the future.

There are a lot of benefits of these vehicles of the future. The main benefits are:


The cars are smart and connected to internet Google maps

Reducing accidents

Greater speed

No age restriction

Improved fuel efficiency and also they can be powered by solar energy

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