5 Jobs That Provide a Company Car

5 Jobs That Provide a Company Car

Automobiles are among the most commonly used e...

Automobiles are among the most commonly used engine-powered vehicles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many different perks that could push you to choose one job over another. Some companies allow you to set your own hours, or offer flexibility as to the attire required around the office. Others pique your interest with competitive benefits packages, top of the industry insurance providers and matching 401(k) contributions. But one of the perks that always seems to bring a smile to your face is the company car. Sure, there are other perks that may mean a bit more to your bottom line, but nothing makes you feel more appreciated than keys to a brand new car. And considering the expense of lease payments, repairs, registration, insurance and rising gas prices, this is no small feature. If you’re looking for an opportunity like this, here are five jobs that provide a company car.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that working at a car dealership should earn you a company car. After all, you will be surrounded by brand new automobiles every single day. You might not get this perk if you work in the shop or in a secretarial position, but every salesperson should end up with a new car. It’s a great way for the dealership to advertise their newest models, as you’ll literally be a billboard in motion for the company. But savvy management also understands that giving you the keys to a new ride will help you get to know that particular model inside and out. And who would be better equipped to sell it than a passionate owner?

If your job revolves around travel, there’s a very good chance you’ll receive a company car. Most traveling marketing and sales professionals are used to these perks. These people spend more than 75% of their time on the road, meeting with vendors, creating new partnerships and relationships, selling directly to the customer or looking in on manufacturing facilities. The car isn’t only transportation, but a roving office as well. This is especially true with modern vehicles, that are often equipped with GPS service, Wi-Fi and hands-free smartphone integration.

Personal assistants and messengers will also often be given the keys to a company car. This isn’t quite as glamorous as the other situation. The vehicle will often be handed from assistant to assistant, meaning it will probably be a high mileage car with significant wear and tear. You’ll spend your days heading from one part of town to the other at your boss’s beck and call. And at the end of the day you’ll probably turn that vehicle in and take your own car home. But it’s certainly still a perk, in that you won’t be putting those high pressure miles on your own ride.

Security professionals almost always get a company car, and it’s usually a specialized vehicle. These people spend their days delivering secure documents or assets, or driving high net worth individuals and the famous to and from events. Perhaps their job is to protect a government official or a visiting dignitary. Regardless, their company car will often be armored, or fitted with bulletproof glass. There will be a number of other upgrades as well, all designed to insure they get from point A to point B undeterred.

Finally, almost any senior manager can expect the company to provide them with a car. Executives at major firms are either given a brand new luxury vehicle or have carte blanche to take advantage of the corporate car hire service whenever they need it. Which choice they make will usually depend on where they live and how far their commute takes them. But corporations are very image-conscious, and they always want their high profile executives to drive in the best possible vehicles.

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