Carport or Garage: Which Should You Have?

Carport or Garage: Which Should You Have?

English: An example of a stand alone carport, ...

English: An example of a stand alone carport, which is the most common type. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive or what kind of home you own, it’s always going to be important for you to figure out where you’re going to keep your car. Most of the time, you’ll find a home that’s got some sort of option that already comes along with it. A lot of houses have garages. This means that your car can be put into a completely enclosed part of the house, basically. A home might even have what’s referred to as a standalone garage. This type of garage will be its own structure, but will still be comprised of four walls and a roof. While a standalone garage might not be built up to the level that your actual home is — its walls probably won’t include insulation, and things like that — your standalone garage will nevertheless be a completely enclosed structure, most likely with a door that you can completely open or close. This is the most typical option when it comes to vehicular storage.

Of course, the other option is a carport. While your garage would basically be an extension of your home, and would act as its own structure built with the purpose of storing your car, a carport is more of something that’s put in place to shelter your car from the elements. Little more than a glorified awning, a carport is still a great idea for keeping your car out of the direct sunlight and rain — but a carport will not offer you everything that a garage does. When you’re trying to decide between the two, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind.

While a traditional garage might be a bit more expensive, there are definitely a good amount of advantages that come with this specific type of situation. For example, when you’re using something like a carport, you are significantly more limited when it comes to something like storage. Since your garage will be completely enclosed, it’s almost halfway between inside and outside. It’s not quite the same as inside your home, but it isn’t quite outside, either. This usually makes the garage perfect for storing things like the lawnmower and camping supplies. Not only will these things be kept out of your way, and will they be kept out of direct sunlight and rain — but the completely enclosed garage will keep them out of any other elements, as well. Your things also won’t get stolen if they’re kept in a garage.

Carports, on the other hand, are a lot less expensive, if it’s an issue of construction. The cost of building a garage will far outweigh the cost of putting in a carport. With a carport, you get a lot less in the way of utility and protection for your car, but you don’t have to deal with nearly as much in the way of expenses, and your carport will be very easily broken down and/or moved. When you’re trying to figure out exactly how to store your car, you’ve got a couple of different options available to you. Keep these pointers in mind, however, and you’ll have a very easy time making your decision.

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