6 Most Famous Brands of Car Batteries Which Offer Best Performances

6 Most Famous Brands of Car Batteries Which Offer Best Performances

Cars are an embodiment of our personality and they require special care to offer us comfort and pleasure. Whether it is small, large, sports, retro or luxury car each requires the same deal of attention to drive us fast and safe through the life’s journey.

It is clear that car batteries provide electric power to cars. Therefore buying the appropriate battery model is crucial.

Here are 6 of the best names for car batteries, which guarantee quality.

NAPA Car Battery

If you are looking for a guarantee of good battery for your car, the answer is NAPA car battery, quality that lasts longer than85 years, with over a 6,100 stores nationwideand over 422,000 quality pieces and accessories.
NAPA is also known as a biggest company of autonomous mechanics in North America.
NAPA gives you confidence because it offers 24 mounts warranty for your vehicle and full support at any time, regardless of the fact where you are, and for no additional costs.
It is a brand name, which offers long life batteries, in different sizes resilient to extreme temperatures.
NAPA knowshow!


… Or also known as EverReady batteries are a battery brand whom you can completely trust since the 1890s.
Under the motto: ““Keep Challenging, Keep Growing” Energizer maintains its mission through innovation and quality batteries to improve people’s lives in more than 160 countries.

The main features of the batteries are:
– Cyclic resistance and durability, fast recharging high-energy and stability
With the purchasing of Energizer you create association with a brand, whose spirit is reliability and quality in every opportunity.
Energizer also takes care for the environment, by removing heavy metals from their articles by constantly improving performance.


Varta, today also known as VartaMicro Battery, founded by Adolf Müller in Hagen Germany, must be mentioned as one of the world’s best brands of batteries, including car batteries, seamlessly operating on the world battery market more than 125 years …
The long lasting battery provides less disintegration and lower low running costs. It is a powerful, reliable type of batteries, with low running costs from clocks, flashlights, cordless phones, children toy’s, to motorcycles, power boats.
Varta’s main emphasis of concentration in recent times is the renewable energy and the car batteries, in a partnership with the world leader in lead-acid and advanced batteries for Start-Stop, hybrid and electric cars, Johnson Controls Power Solutions.


DieHardappearson the battery market in 1967. It produces alkaline batteries, tool batteries, chargers, flashlights battery boosters and car batteries.
The customers give particular emphasis on DieHardcar batteries!
The reason is their wide assortment of dimensions and models, which covers every type of car and also the adaptability and resilience nonfreezing and -very high temperatures.
Sears Auto Center offers DieHardbatterieslabeled as premium car batteries!


Duralast and Duralast Gold Brands are brand car batteries,purchased in the USA.
The famous company Johnson Controls is the producer of the Duralast batteries and also DieHard batteries.

They can be found only in AutoZone stores. The name Duralast is assurance for solid and quality battery.
Duralast has authority of offering batteries with an intensely high quality level.
The qualified Company AutoZone, one of the top sellers of automotive replacement accessories in the USA is responsible for the providing the Duralast batteries.
The name Duralast is a mixture of the words durable and lasting and this name justifies the quality.


… are batteries which must be mentioned in this list of top car batteries! They are rechargeable car batteries with 12 volts of nominal voltage and 6 cells in the galvanic series. You can find these batteries and test them for free in Wal-Mart stores.
These batteries are simple to use and have superior performances!

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