Why Buy New When You Can Buy A Nearly New Low Mileage Ford?

Why Buy New When You Can Buy A Nearly New Low Mileage Ford?

Buying a new car is expensive. It’s why the number of people buying news cars has fallen since the boom years ended and the economic depression began. It does not automatically mean that motorists are condemned to turning over old bangers that are falling apart at the seams, though. Buying something with low mileage is just as good as buying a new car, and here are the reasons why.

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Why Do Drivers Buy New?

Many drivers when asked whether they bought their car new or not will answer that they hadn’t. Many of these will have bought their cars third or even fourth-hand. This does not mean that the vehicle they have bought is of questionable quality. It simply means that they have decided to save money by not purchasing a new car.

It is true that new cars have a much longer lifespan than second hand vehicles. This is perhaps the main reason why people buy them in the first place. A manufacturer’s warranty also protects them against any defects for an initial period of car ownership. When it comes down to it, though, many people just enjoy the prestige of owning a new car. It feels great to own something nobody else has used before. And there is nothing wrong with this.

On a practical basis, though, buying a low mileage Ford car is just as good as buying it new due to the nature of the car.

Ford Durability

If a car were known to decline dramatically as soon as it hit the road, then the sensible thing would be to buy a new car. The Ford, however, is well known as one of the most durable cars on the road today. This is why it is one of the most popular cars in the UK and European markets. The difference in lifespan between a new Ford and a Ford with a few thousand miles on the clock is marginal at best. However, since there is always a big difference in price between new and second-hand cars, the person buying a second-hand car gets more value for money than the driver who bought it new.


Do not expect to find the benefits of a warranty if buying the car from an independent seller. Most of the special add-ons and custom packages only come if buying direct from the manufacturer or affiliated forecourts. This might seem poor form as it increases the chances of buying something with hidden problems. Luckily, buyers are more intelligent than ever and no longer fall for the old tricks of the trade. As long as shoppers keep their eyes open, the disadvantages of not having a warranty are null and void.

Is it Worth It?

Overall, buying a second-hand Ford with low mileage from Jennings-ford.co.uk is almost same as buying a new car. Yes, the buyer does not have the same level of control over what they are buying, but at the same time, it offers them massive cost savings. An average driver can save themselves a few thousand pounds on the price of a new car if they buy one with a few thousand miles on the clock.

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