Almighty car printer Canon PIXMA iP 100

Almighty car printer Canon PIXMA iP 100

canon PIXMA iP100 printing in the car

Canon launches the PIXMA iP100, which is the successor to the i90v and will join the PIXMA range as a portable PIXMA printer. The iP100 is positioned as the ultimate portable printer for high-speed & high-quality output on the move.

The iP100 is the replacement to the iP90v with some impressive step up features. The 4800dpi 2pl print engine of the iP90v is replaced with a new 9600dpi, 1pl print engine that takes new BCI-35 Black and BCI-36 Colour Cartridges. The iP100 delivers superior photo quality and improved print speeds of 20ppm mono, 14ppm colour and a borderless photo lab quality print speed of 50 seconds.

Another major step up feature of the iP100 is the move to a 5 ink system consisting of Pigment black, Dye C, M, Y and Photo Black. This Photo Black ink gives enhanced photo quality and with the 1pl droplet size produces fine gradation and virtually grain free photos. The iP100 boasts a stylish compact design for ultimate mobility and is finished in silver with a Piano black panel for a sharp neat look.

Like the iP90v the iP100 will be available in a second configuration with a battery included in the box. This will be called the iP100 w/battery. The iP100 will be compatible with a new range of optional accessories, these are: Rechargeable Battery and attachment, In-car Charger and Bluetooth Adapter . The iP100 w/battery will ship with the Rechargeable Battery and attachment

Key Features

  • Stylish compact design for your mobile lifestyle.
  • FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) – Photo lab quality prints with 9600 x 2400dpi resolution FINE Print head with 1pl “Micro Nozzles”
  • Photo Black – Dedicated photo Black Dye ink for enhanced quality photos
  • Fast Print Speeds – Up to 20 ppm mono, 14 ppm colour document printing and Photo lab quality 10x15cm print in approx. 50 seconds in Standard mode
  • Pigment Black ink for crisp and sharp text
  • Wireless printing support – Wireless printing capability from a variety of compatible devices via IrDA IR & optional Bluetooth
  • Auto Image Fix is included in Easy-PhotoPrint EX to optimize prints and make printing easy
  • Optional accessories include: Rechargeable Battery and attachment (LK-62), In-car Charger (PU-200U) and Bluetooth Adapter

Features and Technology
Canon’s ChromaLife100+ ink system uses new formulation dye-inks to give greater print longevity. The inks used by the iP100 are the PGI-35 Black and CLI-36 Colour.

ChromaLife100+ is Canon’s system to achieve beautiful photographs with improved image permanence and enhanced longevity in combination with Canon genuine photo paper and new dye-based inks. The ChromaLife100 system is designed to surpass silver halide quality and longevity and offers the following key customer benefits:

  • 300 years album storage (stored in dark) – Available with PR-101 AND PP-101, SG-101, GP-401 plus NEW low cost GP-501
  • 30 years framed under glass (light fastness) – Available with PR-101 & PP-101
  • 10 years unframed (gas fastness) – Available with PR-101

Auto Image Fix
“Auto Image Fix” recognises the type of scene, subject’s face etc. and automatically adopts the optimal correction for each type of the image and prints a beautiful photo. Auto Image Fix works with a “detection function” which analyses “Face detection” and “Scene Analysis“. Image correction concentrates on optimising of three main areas in a photo:

canon priter - auto image fix

Colour fogging and over- and under-exposure

    1. Face tone and brightness
      • Back-lit or shadowed faces
    2. Optimise image by scenes
      • Adjust tone, contrast
      • Enhance saturation

Easy-PhotoPrint EX
Easy-PhotoPrint EX is the all-round software for versatile photo printing and beyond. It combines 3 core pieces of software Easy-LayoutPrint, Easy-PhotoPrint and CD LabelPrint (start up only) under one new interface. The interface will operate similarly to Easy-LayoutPrint as launched with iP1800/iP2500 using the same look and feel first menu screen from which other functions can be chosem

canon bluetoot printing
BU-30 (Bluetooth Adaptor) (NEW!)
The Canon PIXMA iP100 supports printing via Bluetooth with the use of the optional BU-30 Bluetooth adaptor. As shown below the BU-30 is slotted into the side panel of the iP100 (on the left hand side as you look at the product, the side with the DC input cable).

After loading the iP100 Setup Utility you can now print using Bluetooth.

Basic Printing Profile allows devices to send text, e-mails, vCards, images or other items to printers based on print jobs. The users can print their photos and text with application software supporting BPP in camera phone. For example, user can layout photos and address data, add text etc. and print.

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