5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Rims for Your Car

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Rims for Your Car

English: Aluminum alloy wheel

English: Aluminum alloy wheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Automotive enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their vehicle more uniquely their own. From customized plates to unconventional paint colors, the details you give your vehicle set it apart from the thousands of others just like it on the road. And since your car is quite often an expression of your personality, your interests, your work and your creativity, the choices you make tricking out your vehicle are important. One of the custom choices many people go with is picking out new rims. It’s a simple way to change the look of a car a huge amount. The right rims can turn your factory stock car into a true original, and the work can be done in less than an hour. Rims can be sleek, flashy, futuristic or throwback, and you’ll find an almost endless supply of choices. So consider these five things when purchasing rims for your car.

First off, keep in mind any ways your new rims might affect the vehicle’s performance. In general, as long as the rims are the proper size for your wheels you shouldn’t have a problem. But certain rims extend outwards from the wheel well, therefore dragging against the wind. You won’t necessarily notice an issue with handling, but you will when it comes down to gas mileage. So only add on expansive rims if you don’t mind spending a bit extra at the pumps every month.

Next, think about the maintenance your new rims will require. In most cases they should remain in good shape with only a periodic cleaning. Just pick up the proper cleaning product for your rims’ particular metallic construction. Also be careful when parking the vehicle, as rims can be scratched and chipped very easily. The last thing you want is a big gash across the custom rims you had made just for your vehicle.

If you’re not sure which rims to purchase, consider searching by your car’s specific make, model, year and tire size. You’ll find the purchasing process much simpler this way, as you won’t end up buying something that harms your vehicle. If you would like a rim that’s larger than the factory models you are replacing, you’ll have to have them professionally fitted. Just keep in mind that once they’ve been placed on the wheels you won’t be able to return them, even if they never leave the garage.

You might want to consider choosing your rims based on the metal itself. The vast majority of rims are constructed of either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is flashier, and often comes with that chrome finish. They look amazing, but are going to require consistent polishing and attention. The finish could also peel over time. Steel rims are incredibly strong, and will certainly last as long as your vehicle. You’ll also find a wide selection. However, steel rims aren’t nearly as eye-catching as aluminum ones, so it may defeat the purpose.

Finally, keep in mind that once you get these new rims you’re basically settling on that tire size for the life of the vehicle. If money is no object you can always replace them, but who can claim that these days? If eventually you want to upgrade to mag wheels, or put in an aftermarket lift kit and throw on some off-road tires you will have to retire those custom rims. Basically, make this purchase the last modification, when you’re ready to put the work gloves and the checkbook away and just enjoy your ride.

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