Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Car in Snow - 2/365

Car in Snow - 2/365 (Photo credit: SkyFireXII)

The winter weather can do a number on just about everything that surrounds us: our homes, our yards, our skin and hair. Oh, and yes, even our cars.

The extreme cold, harsh winds and wet precipitations put extra pressure on our cars to perform. That’s why it’s extremely important to do all of the preventative work that we can in order to keep our cars in good working condition during the winter months.

If you’re wondering about what some good car care maintenance tips that you can apply this year are, we have five good ones for you right here:

Clear out the debris. Of all of the things that people to think to do when it comes to winterizing their cars, surprisingly, removing debris like leaves, twigs and pebbles (especially from the hood of the engine) rarely cross their minds. However, just like those kinds of things can cause complications to, say, the gutter of your home, they can do the same thing to the insides of your car.

Check your brakes and tires. Winter is the one time of the year when you’ll need to security of good brakes and tires most of all. When it comes to your brakes, even if you don’t hear any squealing yet, still stop by your mechanic to have them checked; as it relates directly to your tires, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, you need at least 2/32″ of depth on each tire for them to be considered safe. Make sure that you still have a significant amount of tread on them too. Oh, and don’t forget to check your air tire pressure. Studies show that they lose around a pound of pressure per every 10 degree temperature drop.

Look at your battery. Could there be anything worse than being stuck in the snow with a bad battery? Places like Auto Zone are willing to check the life of your battery free of charge so don’t wait until your battery light goes on or your car won’t start in order to do it.

Replace your wiper blades. Another thing that people tend to overlook that can cause a lot of drama and mayhem is not getting their wiper blades replaced in a timely fashion. Customarily, you need to get a new set once a year. Another handy tip is that when there is snow in the forecast, be sure to pull your wiper blades away from your windshield. Not only will this make it easier for you to scrape your windshield, but it will also offer support when it comes to extending the life of the wiper motor. Also make sure to have your windshield wiper fluid levels check. You’ll need to use that feature quite a bit.

Wax your headlights. As you’re doing auto insurance quotes comparison checks as it relates to your premiums for next year, the purpose in having insurance is because you can’t predict what the future holds on the roads and highways, right? Snow, rain and thick fog can also make driving a bit unpredictable. That’s why you need to have your headlights on during inclement weather; however, it’s not going to do you much good if they’re covered in dirt and grime. So, when you wash your car, make sure to wax your headlights; that way they will be extra bright even in the bleakest kind of winter weather.

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