The amazing transformations of the car phones through the years

The amazing transformations of the car phones through the years

Nearly a century ago, when one men wanted to travel across the country, was the time when the original car phone was invented. Mobile phones within cars became very popular in the period between 1970s through 1990s. Although today car phones are not popular, they can still be found in limousines.

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Lars Magnus Ericsson, in 1910 was the first engineer who would install a telephone in his car.

The idea was to connect his phone with a pair of electrical wires into the telephone poles.

During travelling, he would look/search for installed telephone poles along the road, so that he could connect his phone with a pair of electrical wires into the telephone poles.

Unfortunately, this concept wasn’t very popular at that time.

The progress of the technology, during the 1940s and the 1950s, led to installation of the first car phones in commercial vehicles such as limousines. These new devices had their best promotion on the big screen, on a movie called Sabrina.

The integration continued during 1970s when car radiophone service network became popular. The concept of this technology was to connect the car’s battery and the used signals attracted to telephone networks, later known as Zero G network. The sequel of Zero G network was 1G, generally used in often remote areas.  In 1984, people started go get personal cell phones and the mass expansion started in 1990s when they were more affortable.  As the popularity of personal cell phones grow,cars phones popularity was decreasing.

Nowadays car phones are popular only on places where digital signal is not available.

Many people use smartphone applications while driving a car.

Several manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Toyota and Jaguar will  include voice-command buttons on steering wheels to activate Siri on synced iPhone handsets.

According to a study by a wireless technology research firm, by 2016 over 90 million vehicles/cars will feature smartphone integration in their system. This integration will become the rule on all new models and customers will enjoy the satellite-based navigation, streaming music from the Web, as well as using wide range of smartphone applications. The role of the smartphone is vital in bringing the mobile internet into the in car invorentment.

Microsoft and Ford Motor Co. are collaborating on Ford SYNC since 2005, time when smartpones were in the beginning of their popularity.

They were first to integrate, in non-luxury vehicles, advanced smartphone functionality like voice recognition.

Today SYNC with its easy voice commands and the simplicity of the user experience is the industry-leading automotive technology solution.

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