Sports Cars And Tires

Sports Cars And Tires

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Sports cars are world for its self and in almost every aspect have specific character which distinguishes them from other vehicles. With their elegant appearance, powerful engine and aerodynamic line represent a real challenge for the speed lovers.
But to achieve such high speeds, proper tires are required. Increase speed means increased risk, but quality tires with excellent traction provide the vehicle with the additional stability and much better and easier handling. That is very important because, due to the speed, the driver has a much less amount of time to react on any road situation or obstacle.

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Beside that, the rubber its self that is used for the production of sports car tires differs from the usual. Namely, The rubber is softer and can therefore better adhere to the surface. Therefore it heats up faster, which makes it even softer. For that reason, sports car tires have a significantly shorter service life, and that fact is well known to real speed fanatics. Therefore, tires must be regularly checked and if necessary changed immediately.

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Another significant detail to which the attention must be drawn is tire air pressure. In order to increase speed and to improve the aerodynamics, the chassis of sports cars is very low, almost affixed to the road. With that position of the chassis, the air resistance is significantly reduced. Now, if the tires have inappropriately low air pressure, the chassis may come in contact with the surface, which can result to vehicle damage or even to major incidents.

On the other side, tires with higher air pressure are much stiffer and it can also impersonate danger. Such tires needlessly raise the vehicle and it also diminishes aerodynamic efficiency, stability and consequently the speed. Additionally, over pumped tires suffered heavy damage and worn out much faster due to strong contact with some road bumps.

Therefor, every traffic participant, sports car drivers especially, must regularly check and measure tire pressure. Obtain quality tire pressure gauge, best an electronic one, and get to work.

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And remember, the need for an entirely technically correct vehicle, which also implies corresponding tires, is particularly pronounced in the sport cars. All passionate fans of elegant and speedy cars must undertake all measures for their own and others safety.

Author: Eli Mirch, editor of

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