Sell your flat fast to buy a fast car

Sell your flat fast to buy a fast car

Well I must admit this header is little confusing… But my only intention was to explain the price of the fastest cars you can buy in United Kingdom. Most of this cars price tag is in the same range as the price tag of a flat in United Kingdom.

This is a quick list of super fast and exotic cars you can afford if you sell your apartment in London:

  1. Ferrari 575M Maranello 202mph, 0-62mph 4.2 sec. A hugely successful car sold in massive numbers for something around £160,000. This Italian car is the real deal and it is cheap comparing to others on this list.
  2. Lamborghini Murciélago 205mph, 0-62mph 3.8 sec. Murciélago comes in at just £168,000. It only £8k more than Ferrari, but if you like a bull instead of horse on the hood this difference in price is not a lot.
  3. Porsche Carrera GT 205mph, 0-62mph 3.9 sec. Only 1,600 will be built and sold worldwide up to 2006, costing in the UK around £330,000 each. Personally I think it is not worthy to buy it.
  4. Aston Martin Vanquish. If you like to be a James Bond you really need to buy this car. Price to be famous secret agent will cost you just £158,000.
  5. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 208mph, 0-62mph 3.8 sec. For me Mercedes is a high quality but also car produced in a massive numbers. Although at £313,465 they’re not a common sight, I believe it is not exclusive as some of the cheapest on this list. Some buyers buying several cars for each of their houses worldwide.
  6. Bristol Fighter 210mph, 0-62mph 4.0 sec. This is the country’s last remaining British-owned luxury car maker. The standard Fighter costs £230,000, while the Fighter S retails at around £256,000.
  7. Koenigsegg CCR 240mph+, 0-62mph 3.2 secs. Only a handful of these Sweden build beautiful carbon-fiber hyper cars are sold each year. At £400,000+, that’s hardly surprising.
  8. 8.       Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron 253mph+, 0-62mph 2.5 secs. One million British pounds. No comment.

If you cannot wait ten or twenty years to save, so you can afford one of this babes you can sell that flat you do not need anymore. If you have apartment in London, you can even own a several of this super cars. For a quick house sale, and some fast cash for your home visit:

The prices of the properties in United Kingdom these days are not bad so you can get a really good offer. For a flats or apartments in London prices are even better.

English: Mercedes McLaren 722 in London

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