How to Avoid Common Accidents on Your Motorcycle

How to Avoid Common Accidents on Your Motorcycle

English: Couple on a motorcycle in Rajasthan, ...

English: Couple on a motorcycle in Rajasthan, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A motorcycle is a great way to get around quickly and economically. It’s got a lot of advantages over your typical automobile, and is a great means of alternate transportation — though they’re by no means “alternate” in any sense other than that they’re a little less prevalent than your standard car, van, or sport utility vehicle. Many people decide to make the transition from car to motorcycle for a number of reasons. Especially if you don’t have a family or a lot of other people in your life for which you need to be providing or whom you need to be driving around on a regular basis, a motorcycle can wind up making a whole lot of sense. Sure, you sacrifice quite a bit in terms of storage and passenger capacity, but motorcycles are typically very cheap (relative to cars, of course), and get insane gas mileage when compared with their four-wheeled counterparts. If you’re looking to save on gas, insurance, and payments — plus have a much easier time getting around town, then a motorcycle is a great choice for you. Hopefully you don’t live in a place where it rains a lot, of course. When you do make this decision, you’ve got a lot to learn — there’s a whole other type of license that’s required for operating a motorcycle, and there are a lot of new things you’re going to have to consider and internalize in order to ride your new ride safely. We’ll talk about some of the most common accidents that you’ll hope to avoid on your new motorcycle, and how you can be sure that you do avoid them. When it comes to transportation, safety should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Road conditions are a lot more of a serious issue when you’re riding on a motorcycle. So much less weight on the road, plus the fact that you’ve only got two tires, which also happen to be significantly thinner than car tires mean that your tires have a seriously less intense relationship with the road than a car’s tires do. You’ve got to make sure that you’re very, very observant of the road’s conditions because you’ll have to account for them a lot more when you’re on a bike.

Be careful when you’re doing things like passing and overtaking, as well. It’s easy to not be seen by other motorists, especially when you’re creeping up on their blind spots in an attempt to pass in traffic. This is a really easy way for a motorcyclist to get in some serious trouble, so make sure you’re using extreme caution if you’re trying to pass or overtake someone. It’s also vital that you watch your speed — it’s really easy to lose control on a bike, and nobody wants to be a contribution to this year’s motorcycle accident statistics. Provided that you keep safety in mind, a motorcycle can be a great way to save money and make your commute a lot more fun and efficient at the same time.

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