Cheapest Convertible Cars in UK

Cheapest Convertible Cars in UK

Working in enclosed space? Spending too much time indoor?

We have solution for you! Why don’t use your daily commuting routines for a sunlight adventure. Sun is a necessity for almost any living creature. If you are a human like us probably you will enjoy driving while sun is warming your body and wind play with your hair.

This is a quick look in some of the best convertible options in United Kingdom.

1. Daihatsu Copen. Mini convertible with a bargain price. For £11,022 you get a high quality small convertible which is a real fun to drive and own. Easy parking is added value. If your financing options forbidden you to get it new you can buy used for less than £8,000.

2. Mazda MX-5. It’s one of the cheapest sporty cars available in UK. It is fun to ride but this sunlight adventure you can share only with another person in the cat. Price: Less than £16,000  new. Used can be found for less than £5,000.

3. Mini Cooper S. It is a Mini, it is a BMW, it is convertible. If you choose this small convertible you will drive very popular English car with German technology under the hood. This experience will cost you £18,000. If you have a bad credit you can opt for used and save more than £7,000.

4. Ford Focus CC. Fun for all family. After all Ford Focus is a proper big car for people who already have a family.  Probably is not as glamorous like other cars on this list but for £22,000 you get a full size cars with four seats. Used can be found for less than £9,000.

5. Alfa Romeo Spider 2.2JTS. Although we love Italian cars we do not like Italian prices. This convertible cannot be found for less than £26,000. But 2007 model can be found for the half of the price.

These five models are the bottom of the offer. If your credit is excellent and you do not have a problem with financing your next new convertible we can recommend you to look Volvo C70 2.0D SE Lux (£30.000), BMW 320i SE (£32.500), Mercedes CLK Elegance (£37.135), Porsche Boxster S (£40.000) and Bentley Continental GTC (£131,000).

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We hope we were helpful with our list of great convertible cars in UK. Livings with style do not need to be financially difficult if you play smart and make smart financial decisions.

Porsche Boxster (Typ 987)

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