Which foods are good to consume before long driving?

Which foods are good to consume before long driving?

In the world nearly 60% of the accidents are caused by distracted drivers, who are more focused on their burgers than the road, and 20% are caused by being fatigue. But even if you are fully rested, there is the question of what and how much to eat before a long drive and what kind of food to bring for the journey. Long journeys typically include changes in your daily diet.

Finding the right journey food is a key to successful journey. If you eat the wrong food, you could be sick to drive or even worse, you could end up sleepy at the wheel, which is life-threatening for your and the passengers life. But if you eat the right food you will have the energy that you need, and then you can focus on the road and all roadside attractions and beauties.

eating before driving is bad

Someone will say that there isn’t a food such as excellent road trip food. But it all depends of your likes about the food, your typical daily nutrition and of course your budget.

So here are some suggestions about what kind of foods to use before and while driving.
Eating healthy nutritious food is better for your digestive system because it is easier to digest. Don’t eat high-fat foods, calorie snacks or sugar foods, because it makes you sleepy and also they may upset your stomach.

Eat slowly. Drink sparingly. Have a bottle of water and take only sips. Drinking too much will make you to stop many times to go toilet. Try to avoid sugar drinks because they elevate your thirst and sometimes hunger too. Also avoid spicy food and sweets. Always bring a biscuits, and if you feel hungry start to munch.

Eat light food like soup and salad for lunch. Try to eat more fruits and salads before driving. Also good food that gives you energy is the banana. Avoid eating in the car while driving. Save the heavier meals for the dinner, when you finish with driving.When you know that you must stay awake for the long drive, it’s a nice to take a lean beverage such as skim latte or cup of black tea, it will help you to stay focused on the road. If you want to drink coffee before your drive, try to drink 40 minutes before you take off.

The protein foods like meat, fish, nuts, soy is very important because all of this foods are high source of protein. So eating these before you drive could help to enhance your concentration at the wheel. I recommended you to take 2-3 handful almonds or roasted soybeans ( roasted soybeans have more proteins than the nuts ).

Try to resist eating at the wheel. A recent study by Brunel University shows that drivers have twice as many accidents when they are eating at the wheel. Instead, take breaks during your trip to eat small meals that are rich with protein, also eat snacks and drink plenty of water, dehydration can lead to headaches.

Keep balanced blood sugar levels

Eating saturated fats such as sugary snacks or white bread it’s very unhealthy for our body, so try to leave the sugar from your nutrition before long driving. When we eat that kind of foods it exacerbates the meal energy and then converts into glucose very quickly. Our sugar levels will fall, and then our brain will need balanced blood sugar level because it’s the main source of energy and concentration. Foods with a very low Glycaemic index such as grainy breads and pasta are better for maintaining balanced sugar levels.

So, avoid eating while driving, take healthy light food before driving, save the heavier meals when you finish with the long drive, drink sparingly, and you will have the needed energy to focus easily on the road and all roadside attractions and beauties.

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