Vauxall Adam (2013)

Vauxall Adam (2013)

Vauxall Adam is all about uniqueness. Each and one individual can accustom his vehicle so that it correspond to his style and personality. For instance 3 trim levels are offered- Adam Jam which is rather colorful, the elegant and sophisticated Adam GLAM and the sporty Adam SLAM. There are 12 different body finishes with funny names such as `Papa don`t Peach`, `Purple Fiction`,` Saturday White Fever` etc. There are 20 different wheel designs  such as the `Vintage, `Boomerang`, `Hurricane` etc. You are now able to make your dream car, aren`t you?

Vauxhall Adam 2013 01

The interior is available in 4 basic colors- Black Cocoa, Purple and White. There are 15 different seat designs and 18 different panels.

Vauxhall Adam 2013 02

One of the enhancements introduced is the new infotainment system which connects the drivers smart phone with the car through the touch screen monitor called IntelliLink. Parking your car is no longer a problem since there is a parking system that automatically parks your car. A Side Blind Spot Alert system is also available.

When it comes to the design, the new Vauxall Adam except for personalized look features rather modern and futuristic design.  For instance the two-toned exterior bring about so called `floating` roof. Customers can choose between three finishes for the floating roof: `I`ll be Black`, `White my Fire` and `Men in Brown`.  For those who want to personalize their car even more there are three option packs : ` White Pack`, `Twisted Pack` and `Extreme Pack`.

There are 3 available engines for the Vauxall Adam: 1.2L 70PS, 1.4L 87PS and 1.4l 100PS (0-100km/h in 11.5sec and top speed 115 mph). They are connected to a five-speed manual transmission.

The basic model Adam JAM is 11.255$, GLAM 12.650$ and SLAM 13.150$.

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