<title> Toyota is ascending the throne</title>

Toyota is ascending the throne

The year 2011 did not seem to be successful for Toyota since it was ranked as third in the car manufacturing industry. General Motors and Volkswagen took the lead. However, the new year seems to bring happiness and power to Toyota since it has regained the 1st position in the car manufacturing industry. The reasons are the two models Camry Sedans and Prius hybrids which have become so popular in America that they raised the percentage of demand of Toyota vehicles up to 18%. By the end of September Toyota has sold almost half a million more cars in comparison to 2011. The total number of sold cars in 2012 (September) is 2.43 million.

The problem for Toyota seems to be the Chinese market where a decrease in the number of sold cars is spotted. However the increase of sold cars in US up to 20% makes balance. It is expected that this increase will rise up to 30%. The total number of sold cars produced by Toyota is 7.4 million which is half a million more than the number of sold cars manufactured by General Motors. This makes Toyota biggest car manufacturer in the world.

Toyota Camry SE Sport Limited Edition 2013 01

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