The New Honda Fit Car Specifically for Women

The New Honda Fit Car Specifically for Women

2012 Honda Fit

Today’s automotive industry is more crowded than ever before. The addition of hybrid and electric vehicles to the marketplace has only given car manufacturers more models to tout, as opposed to replacing anything. In America you can purchase a car of any shape and size, with colors and option packages to fit any personality. Some vehicles focus on the sound system, others on safety. But Honda is taking a fairly unique tactic with a new vehicle that is being released for their Japanese customers. It’s a Honda Fit, but quite different than the one you see on American roads. This is called the “She’s” edition, and it has been designed with the needs of women in mind. It could be a true revolution for the traditionally male-focused auto market, or a short-lived gimmick.

While the basic specifications of the Honda Fit “She’s” are the same as the traditional models, it has been given a particularly feminine makeover. The color scheme is based on pink. Yes, the exterior of this vehicle is pink, as are many details inside, including the steering wheel, the floor mats and the dashboard. The apostrophe in the “She’s” label is made of a heart, and even the chrome is pink toned. Yet they didn’t only focus on changing the colors.

New 2013 Honda Fit

The focus of the vehicle, and what apparently makes it “for her” is the attention given to skin care. The “She’s” leave the assembly line with skin-protecting front windshields. Honda has declared the new windshield will cut out as much as 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, helping commuters avoid the wrinkles that come with prolonged exposure. But the most impressive feature may be the “She’s” air conditioning system. Termed the “Plasmacluser”, Honda is suggesting that the climate in the vehicle will actually improve skin quality.

Clearly this isn’t a vehicle that a husband will borrow for a night out with the boys, and Honda has made no secret of their desire to specifically court Japanese homemakers and moms. That’s fully half of the female population of Japan. And with a starting sticker price of under $18,000, it shouldn’t be that difficult to sell. Honda has hedged its bets by also offering non-pink versions, although the word from Honda’s marketing department is that each available shade has been designed to resemble popular eye-shadow tints.

Curious North American drivers will have to wait before they can get their manicured hands on the “She’s”. It will be exclusive to Japan for the foreseeable future. Chances are it will never cross the ocean if it doesn’t take off in Honda’s native country. And Honda is taking a risk here. They aren’t the first manufacturer to release a pink vehicle geared at female drivers. But since many women feel they are discriminated against on the road, purchasing a car that makes them stand out in such a feminine manner may not become as popular as Honda hopes. But if it is going to work with any of Honda’s vehicles, the Fit is probably their best shot. The three current models, the standard Fit, the Fit Twist and the Fit Sport all enjoy a stellar reputation in Honda, as you could see with all of the Honda Jazz for sale in the used market. Each model is stylish, comes packed with features and maintains low gas mileage.

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